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Lifecycle Support and Services

Körber’s comprehensive services portfolio will ensure maximum uptime and availability of your equipment. Our experts will help you to maintain operational efficiencies, reduce cost and eliminate downtime across your organization. Ultimately, Körber services and spare parts will increase the operational reliability of your plant, while ensuring the lowest possible total cost of ownership.


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The challenges of maintaining warehouse operations

When it comes to optimizing your operations and maximizing productivity, you face certain challenges:

  • Component failure – Wear and tear must be minimized with a proactive approach to regular maintenance.
  • Downtime – You need prompt access to assistance from experts who have a thorough knowledge of your system to minimize downtime and repair costs.
  • Complex warehouse environment – When digitalizing warehouses and implementing robotics to stay ahead of the competition, you need specialist expertise to manage increasingly complex systems

Optimize your automated supply chain systems

For organizations looking to increase the lifespan of their existing systems, we provide upgrades and retrofitting services to improve system performance. We also offer warehouse expansion services to support business growth.

Ensure system availability

Lifecycle Support and Services includes maintenance and repairs from our dedicated on-site technical support team. With a hotline agreement, you get direct access to our technical support hotline experts, who can remotely access your intralogistics system to fix issues, whenever that’s appropriate.

Using Körber spare parts effectively protects the operational reliability of your plant and ensures the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

We partner with our customers for the entire life cycle of the products purchased from Körber – from initial discussions and consulting assistance, delivery and installation, to maintenance, support and improvements. We have the expertise and the ability to secure the uptime, optimization and availability of your equipment.

When the system was first implemented, Körber supplied a package of essential spare parts. If any parts wear out, we can replace them without having to stop the entire system for 3-4 hours, which would cause chaos in our warehouse.

Inge Fatland,
Co-owner and Technical Manager, Fatland

Key benefits

Optimize system availability

Our service support offerings are designed to maximize uptime and availability across your entire supply chain operations.

Flexible agreements

We offer standard agreements whereby you call us when you need us and we charge by the hour. We also provide long-term maintenance plans for 3–5 years.

We can provide your in-house technical support

Körber can provide you with a technical support team if you don’t already have one. You can contact us via our hotline. We also offer maintenance services and technical or operational on-site support.


100 million
pallets de-palletized

years of experience

successful implementations worldwide


The Körber difference

For more than 30 years, Körber has been at the forefront of the supply chain logistics market. No other company has such a deep and extensive understanding of the warehouse industry. Our Lifecycle Support and Services team taps into this unrivalled knowledge to help our customers optimize their business operations, reduce costs and minimize downtime.




Get to know our references

Körber is proud of our customer partnerships, long and short, simple and complex.

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Fatland (Norway)

This plant has 22 different production lines for 200 tons of consumer packed meat products per day. Körber provides preventive maintenance every 6 months. A month before each scheduled visit, Körber’s support team examines the system for maintenance issues, and then returns with any parts required to complete the service.

TetraPak (Sweden)

Körber has maintained and supported TetraPak’s system (cranes and conveyors) since it was implemented in 2001. The system has remained reliable and field-proven throughout this period.

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