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3rd party logistics (3PL) and ecommerce

The challenge – the opportunity – the solution

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3rd party logistics and ecommerce

How 3PL providers can use supply chain technology to address the challenges of ecommerce

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Top 5 mistakes made in AMR implementations

With any technology implementation, there is a list of things that will make or break a project. We have seen a few common mistakes that tend to hold back autonomous mobile robot (AMR) implementations, impact the return, or bring them to an abrupt end. Read on to find out the five most common mistakes that are made when evaluating AMR solutions, and what you can do to make sure you don’t make them.

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Ten common myths about autonomous mobile robots (AMR)

As AMRs have become a more common warehouse technology, many myths have arisen about how they work, what they are capable of, and when they can be used. While many of these myths can cause concern, they are easily disproven.

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15 ways to boost sustainability

How to make your supply chain greener

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15 ways to transform warehouse safety

Improving the safety of your team with industry best practices

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Automated guided vehicles

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) enable the safe and completely automatic handling of goods, as they do not require a human operator.

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Product transportation is an essential element of in-plant logistics. Precision handling is a prerequisite for optimal material flow.

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Gripper systems

Grippers are usually used for palletizing with robots. Almost all products can be handled, including cartons, boxes, baskets, trays, bags, foil packs, buckets and bottles.

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Layer Picker®

Layer Picker picks layers for de-palletizing as well as rainbow and sandwich pallets, replacing the need for manual layer picking. It lifts up to 98 percent of all product types in food retail.

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Layer picker solutions

Our layer picker solutions provide standalone supply chain solutions that are tailored for high-performance layer picking in warehouses and distribution centers.

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Flexible motion sequences and the gentle and careful handling of sensitive products – that’s what palletizing from Körber provides.

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Pallet sortation and quality control

The pallet sortation and quality control solution inspects and sorts various types of pallets automatically without manual handling.

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Rail guided vehicles

Our rail guided vehicle (RGV) solution, based on an intelligent high-speed monorail guided carrier system, is suitable for a wide range of applications.

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Shuttle-based pallet storage

Shuttle-based pallet storage provides an automated storage and retrieval system across an unlimited number of aisles, rows and levels. This system is designed to optimize storage and maximize warehouse space by storing and retrieving loads on different lanes.

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Stacker cranes

Automated stacker cranes perform the storage and retrieval of goods while working within the racking system.

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Automation solutions

Automate your systems with our end-to-end services

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Supply chain automation

Seamlessly integrate business processes and material flows

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AMR infographic

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Big Tech for Small Businesses- Voice and AMR for SMB

Distribution centers (DCs) are no longer exclusively large enterprises. Small-to-medium sized business (SMBs) play an increasing role, but still need to compete on a level playing field. Providing productivity, accuracy and safety benefits, technologies such as voice picking and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) tick all the right boxes for SMBs.

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BOOXpress GmbH: Advancing the logistic supply of literature

Driving efficiencies in transport planning

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SAP Supply Chain Logistik

Höhere Effizienz durch optimierte Supply Chain Prozesse

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Erweitung von Voice auf das gesamte Lager

Nilfisk: Von sprachgestützter Kommissionierung bis zur industriellen Inspektion.

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ContainerWorld: Unlocking a world of opportunity

Enhancing productivity in a rapidly changing market

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How to develop a winning warehouse strategy

Simulation takes the risk out of change by accurately taking into account variability, uncertainty and complex interdependencies between processes

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Discovering innovation with your digital twin

Digital twin: warehouse simulation explained

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Evaluating warehouse technology

Comparing voice with paper, RF scanning, and pick-to-light solutions.

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Evaluating automation for cold storage: key considerations

Like any technology, it’s critical to understand the business requirements, strategy, and fit before investing. To properly evaluate automation in your cold storage facilities, it’s best to bring vendors or consultants onsite to discuss your unique parameters.

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Delivering flexibility in an ever-moving market

When market opportunity arrives, you have to seize it. This is why a warehouse management system (WMS) is crucial. But not any “one-size-fits-all” WMS will do. To handle the demands of today’s ever-changing, multichannel environment, you need a solution with the flexibility to move with the market, move with your budget and move with your objectives.

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Direkte Filialbelieferung | Streckengeschäft

Die Lösung für das Streckengeschäft mit Abrechnungs- und Kassenfunktion

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Palettierroboter sind das perfekte Werkzeug zur Optimierung von Produktionslinien in der Fertigung, wo Waren für die Übergabe und Auslieferung auf Paletten verpackt werden. Die Automatisierung dieses Prozesses beschleunigt die Durchlaufzeiten und steigert die Präzision; sie steigert die Effizienz, reduziert die Kosten und verbessert außerdem die Arbeitsbedingungen und Sicherheit der Mitarbeiter.

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Software-Beratung und -Implementierung

Körber unterstützt Sie über den gesamten Hauptvorteile Lifecycle Ihrer Supply-Chain-Lösungen mit einem kompletten Angebot von Services. Diese beinhalten die Beratung zum Design Ihrer Logistiklösung und der Konzeption der Integration in Ihre Prozess- und Systemlandschaft, die Test- und Einführungsunterstützung, das Change-Management und den Support zur Sicherstellung des störungsfreien Betriebes Ihrer Lösung.

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Fox Racing: Voice activated success

Transforming productivity and performance

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Future of Voice: Voice your opinion

Discussing the future of voice-enabled supply chain solutions

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Sysco Guest Supply: Feeding service excellence with voice

Meeting demands and exceeding expectations

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Harbor Wholesale: The switch to voice

Growing through greater warehouse efficiency

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3rd party logistics and ecommerce

How 3PL providers can use supply chain technology to address the challenges of ecommerce

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Hermes: multi-site process optimization solution

Optimization of loading and unloading

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Holistic supply chain

An end-to-end provider is essential

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Implementing a Serialization Project Post DSCSA

To comply with the new DSCSA, manufacturers are to investing in the systems, equipment and processes to ensure that their drugs are serialized at each level of packaging. It will be a significant investment regardless of size.

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In from the cold

Using innovative technology to improve working conditions for cold storage teams

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Industry survey report: warehouse optimization strategies

Efficiency trends for automation & workforce

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Labor Shortage: Doing more with less

Using innovative technology to overcome warehouse labor shortages.

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Return to peak

Using innovative technology to cope with seasonal peaks and returns

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Doing more with less

Using innovative technology to overcome warehouse labor shortages

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Ashley Furniture

Furniture manufacturer and retailer increased productivity and expanded globally with the K.Motion Supply Chain Advantage Suite.

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Automation solutions

Automate your systems with our end-to-end services

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Autonomous mobile robots

Compared to manual operations, or a traditionally automated environment, the use of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) can help improve the efficiency of logistics and supply chain operations of all sizes.

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Ship berthing simulator

By automating manual processes, this innovative software enables all stakeholders at ports and terminals to optimize vessel calls.

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Unlocking the secrets of click-to-door eCommerce

With eCommerce revenue set to reach US$3.52 trillion in 2020, it’s crucial for retail organizations to find faster, more efficient methods to supply their customers.

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Cloud solutions

Körber’s cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) solutions will free your organization from the complex issues associated with managing an on-premises IT infrastructure.

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Software consulting & implementation

From consultancy and training to full managed services, Körber offer a suite of high-level service options to give your critical supply chain systems the support they deserve.

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Distributed order management

Körber’s Distributed Order Management (DOM) system provides an integrated logistics solution to help you control your warehouse, transport and inventory management systems.

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Dollar Shave Club

Subscription-based online company supports explosive growth, fast-changing environment with Körber Cloud-Based WMS

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ERP integration platform

Körber’s ERP Integration Platform is designed to bring together your end-to-end supply chain solutions.

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Marine terminal design and simulation

Our marine terminal design and simulation application is based on a unique algorithm that enables everyone, from operations managers to mooring teams, to optimize vessel calls.

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Palletizing robots

Palletizing robots are the perfect tools for optimizing the manufacturing production line, while packing goods onto pallets for transfer and delivery.

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Palletizing robots

Industry-leading automation solutions

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Proof of delivery

Körber’s electronic proof of delivery application is designed to keep transport organizations and their customers informed about shipment progress right up to the point of delivery.

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Leading outdoor sports lifestyle company doubles productivity with Körber warehouse management system

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Retail execution | Direct store delivery

Körber’s device-agnostic native mobile application is designed to address the complex needs of perishable-food distributors.

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SAP Supply Chain Logistics

A complete solution platform for every aspect of the supply chain, specifically designed for businesses using SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP to manage, optimize and coordinate their internal business processes and enhance overall performance.

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Download PDF file (13 MB)

SAP warehouse management

SAP extended warehouse management (SAP EWM) allows you to control inventory while optimizing processes to maximize efficiencies, smoothly integrating with SAP S/4HANA and SAP ERP.

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DSCSA serialization track and trace

Körber’s innovative track and trace application enables organizations to comply with government regulations – such as the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA serialization) in the USA and the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) in the EU.

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Supply Chain Automation

Seamlessly integrate business processes and material flows

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Transportation Management System

Industry-leading solutions for logistics companies

Download PDF file (777 KB)

Voice, Vision & Mobility

Increase operational efficiency and workforce productivity

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Warehouse Control System

Gain integrated control of all your components

Download PDF file (595 KB)

Warehouse Management

Track all goods entering and leaving your warehouse

Download PDF file (1 MB)

Warehouse Design and Simulation

Simply test new configurations and operational changes

Download PDF file (2 MB)

Yard Management System

Optimize your entire distribution and logistics operation

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Download PDF file (272 KB)

Lifeway Christian Resources: Rewriting the company journey

Elevating operational accuracy and productivity

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Download PDF file (2 MB)

Nilfisk: From voice-enabled picking to industrial inspection

Following the successful implementation of a Körber voice system for picking, Nilfisk extended the use of voice to optimize the efficiency on their inspection line.

Download PDF file (656 KB)

Patterson Logistics selects the right partners

SAP and Voice-Directed work deliver results

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Download PDF file (1 MB)

Countering the counterfeiters

Beyond pharmaceuticals: Why serialization is the future of track and trace

Download PDF file (639 KB)

First serialization project in the industry for pharma giant

As much as 10% of the global drug supply is counterfeit, resulting in the potential for serious side effects, disability or worse, not to mention the financial impact on drug suppliers. How can the pharmaceutical industry keep the supply chain safe on the long voyage from ingredient to consumer?

Download PDF file (327 KB)

A SKU-ed view of the future

The impacts of SKU proliferation on the entire supply chain and how the tide is starting to change

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Autonome Mobile Roboter

Optimieren Sie die Effizienz in Ihrem gesamten Unternehmen

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Supply Chain Netzwerkdesign

Körber‘s Lösungen für das Supply Chain Netzwerkdesign unterstützen Sie dabei, die Rentabilität Ihrer gesamten Lieferkette zu überblicken und zu steigern.

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Voice, Vision und Mobility

Effizientere Betriebsabläufe und höhere Mitarbeiterproduktivität

Download PDF file (876 KB)

Talbots: Significantly increasing picking accuracy

Bringing a voice to retail logistics

Download PDF file (340 KB)

Top Ten Tips for Warehouse Design

Download PDF file (285 KB)

Cold trace

How the need for traceability in cold storage is providing a unique opportunity for 3PLs

Download PDF file (639 KB)

Voice Directed Working (VDW)

Increasing operational efficiency and workforce productivity

Download PDF file (1 MB)

Warehouse 2020 survey analysis

The Warehouse 2020 survey conducted by Körber was completed by 59 warehousing professionals. It was designed to gain a better understanding of the current approaches towards warehouse design and to learn what warehouse challenges will need to be taken into consideration in the future. Respondents were mainly based in Europe, primarily the U.K., but a significant number of responses and valuable opinions were shared from the rest of the world.

Download PDF file (938 KB)

Warehouse automation & labor – friend or foe?

The labor challenges impacting many warehouses are not new. However, many businesses still struggle with overcoming the complexities that come with recruitment and labor retention.

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Download PDF file (3 MB)

Bewertung führender Kommissionierlösungen

Vergleich von Voice mit Papier, RF-Scannern und Pick-to-Light Lösungen

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Download PDF file (676 KB)


Download PDF file (2 MB)


Download PDF file (373 KB)

Why you need to prepare for 2023’s pharmaceutical DSCSA today

The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) will take full effect in 2023, with far-reaching implications for the pharmaceutical industry. While it’s years away, it’s critical to prepare well in advance.

Download PDF file (766 KB)

Safety in the cloud

WMS: Cloud vs. in-house security

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