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SAP Supply Chain Add-ons

SAP is a highly customizable, feature-rich environment that can be tailored to the requirements of most customers and their business processes. Occasionally though, our customers have specific business needs above and beyond the standard SAP functionality. This is where Körber’s SAP-based add-ons come in: individual solutions for specific business functions.

Some business challenges demand specialist solutions

The SAP Supply Chain Logistics suite incorporates comprehensive functionality for planning, scheduling, and operations of supply chain logistics, warehouse, transport and yard management.

It’s a very capable and wide-ranging system, but may not always do everything our customers need straight out of the box.

Occasionally there are some functions that need to be specially written. Some that you may not even know you needed until you need them. Or even, perhaps, hadn’t anticipated might be possible. These may include:

  • Process and Material Flow Emulation, to ensure smooth software implementations.
  • Courier Express Parcel (CEP) cockpit to optimize processing for shipping with various service providers.
  • Dangerous Goods Management, for storing and transporting hazardous materials.
  • Control and planning of internal transports.
  • Scheduling of transports via a central dashboard (for SAP ERP).

There may even be functions unique to your industry or business, which additional, tailored solutions can address.


Get to know our references

Körber is proud of our customer partnerships, long and short, simple and complex.

Körber’s SAP Add-ons for the SAP environment

This is where the profound logistics expertise of Körber comes in, to enrich and expand the standard functionality of the SAP environment.

We have created SAP-based Add-ons that allow for all sorts of additional functions, using your data and existing SAP systems to help maximize your efficiency.

There are many applications for SAP Add-ons, from managing your master data for routing shipping providers, to emulating material flows, so you can optimize your SAP implementation.

For example, if you know the exact size and shape of a load space, and the size and shape of all the things that have to be loaded in it, Körber offers an add-on that will order them in the most efficient way possible, while taking into account any required parameters, such as regulations or physical restrictions.

Another example is the storage and transport of hazardous materials. The Körber Dangerous Goods Management add-on supports all required functionality for their handling, and takes into account legal regulations, limitations of facilities, applicable local laws and other parameters. It also supports and tracks specific handling instructions, and schedules and manages associated appointments and inspections.

The Körber Transport Control System add-on supports planning and control of internal transports. It supports cross-application use and consolidates single and multi-stage transport processes in the internal logistics network. It provides transparency into stock movements across departments, ensures accuracy of associated processes, and optimizes use of resources.

SAP add-ons are the perfect complement for the SAP-enabled, digitalized control of your supply chain, ensuring you are prepared for today’s and tomorrow’s logistical requirements.

Key benefits of SAP Add-ons

Solving logistics problems beyond the standard SAP functionality

Körber SAP Add-ons for supply chain solutions have been developed to solve specific logistics problems our customers may experience

Designed for your business

Add-ons can be tailored to the unique requirements and underlying logistics processes of your business

Full compliance with SAP solutions

Our Add-ons are coded in SAP, and are fully compatible and compliant with SAP standard, while extending its functionality according to customers’ specific needs

The Körber difference

At Körber we use our expertise and extensive experience working within and around the SAP Supply Chain Logistics suite to anticipate and address the needs of our customers. We have a wide variety of add-ons ready to go, and more that we can customize and enhance to better serve your specific requirements.

Körber is recognized as one of the largest independent SAP partners for IT solutions in the entire supply chain. As a strong SAP partner, we have been continually awarded various SAP partnerships for more than 15 years (e.g. SAP Recognized Expertise Partner in Supply Chain Management). Based on our status as a SAP “Ramp Up” partner, we’re also heavily involved in testing new versions and product improvements before they are released, and can also implement them at selected customers. This added benefit keeps us – and our customers – ahead of the curve.

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