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ColdService offers a suite of services for cooling, freezing, packaging, storing, and shipping temperature-sensitive products.

Industry: Frozen food

Location: Veghel, Netherlands

Cold storage system

Körber successfully stepped in with a solution for dense storage of frozen products for Coldservice.


ColdService needed to be able to support its rapid growth:

  • Growth had led to several building expansions, increasing warehouse management complexity 
  • Projected continued growth presented the need for a solution that would grow along with the company

Solutions Implemented:

A new storage solution effectively supported storage density and handling efficiency. It included:

  • A multiple-depth storage solution with a freestanding racking system
  • Two 22m-high stacker cranes that store good up to 8 pallets deep


The new system brought increased flexibility, reliability, and adaptability. This has meant:

  • A system that is capable of growing in tandem with ColdService’s demand
  • Improved use of space in ColdService’s existing warehouses

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