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Sedus Stoll AG

Based in Germany, Sedus Stoll AG is a leading supplier of office equipment. Sedus develops and manufactures its high-quality products at two locations in Germany and distributes worldwide.

Location: Germany

Industry: Retail & E-Commerce


Sedus Stoll has been operating a fully automated high-rack warehouse for pallets and shelf pallets, with around 12,000 storage spaces, to supply the production plant, since the 1990s. The high-rack warehouse has 4 aisles, each with one stacking crane and an upstream pallet conveyor system.

Solutions Implemented:

Working with Körber, Sedus Stroll implemented:

  • Warehouse Management System
  • Add-ons as fully integrated material flow system


The solution is completely integrated into SAP, using SAP standard warehouse management functionalities. Additional benefits include:

  • The pallet conveyor system has picking workstations integrated into it.
  • This allows for the removal of partial quantities and for the filling of shelf pallets (pallets with 7 levels, each to accommodate 2x3 containers per level).

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