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Kellogg’s family of brands includes everything from frozen snacks to breakfast icons.

Location: Battle Creek, Michigan

Industry: Food & Beverage

Kellogg’s creates the perfect pallet with Körber

Kellogg’s achieved the perfect pallet stack and up to 40 per cent productivity increase using Voice and Intelligent Volumetric Cubing from Körber!


As Kellogg’s expands into new areas — such as the snack market with its recent acquisition of Pringles — its goals include:

  • Maintaining impeccable customer service
  • Lowering costs
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Protecting shipments

Solutions Implemented:

Körber worked with Kellogg’s to ensure that all product size and weight data was fed into the warehouse management system. Kellogg’s implemented:

  • VoiceMan


Kellogg’s initially expected to see a 10% increase in productivity, but it ended up seeing nearly 40% improvement, as well as increased customer satisfaction from major retailers. Additional benefits included:

  • VoiceMan cubes and groups products into the appropriate customer-specific pallet stack, ensuring they will be picked and built correctly and transported to stores without compromising product integrity.
  • VoiceMan provides XPO’s warehouse managers and supervisors with comprehensive visibility and control tools, including real-time dashboards and the ability to manage workload and exceptions across teams.

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