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Robotic Solutions

In an environment where speed, efficiency and precision are everything, robotics are key. Körber’s suite of robotic solutions respond to today’s supply chain demands, optimizing your floor operations, transportation, processing, fulfillment and staff safety.


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Today’s workflow challenges

Against increasing pressures to expand, fight off competition and meet customer demand, logistics businesses must resolve certain challenges:

  • Sourcing cost-effective labor, particularly during busy, seasonal periods.
  • Continuous evolution and modernization of operational logistics.
  • Difficulty finding flexible and easily scalable solutions
  • Competitive pressure to cut costs while improving accuracy.
  • Heavy or hazardous materials cannot be moved manually.

Enhancing efficiency through automation

Setting industry standards for logistics technology, Körber provides a range of reliable, tailored robotic solutions, from palletizers and depalletizers to automated guided vehicles (AGV) and fully autonomous mobile robots (AMR).

As well as improving speed and accuracy, our robotic solutions are highly flexible, enabling you to add new robots as demand dictates, making robotics an economical option. You can drive cost and staff efficiencies further by adopting AMRs, which operate without instruction, drawing on information provided by your existing cameras and sensors.

Körber advantages

Process Optimization

Planning and execution for the complete process is made simple, efficient, repeatable, measurable and transparent.


Our custom built, modular solutions are created to match your particular logistics environment, and can be used to perform multiple functions.


Add or remove robots as required to meet the varying demands of your business, often with zero ramp-up time.


Plan, track and optimize your supply chain operations. Add more “visibility” with a connected robotics solution.

The Körber difference

For years, Körber has led the way in innovative robotics-based solutions, driving supply chain efficiencies, precision and growth to thousands of logistics firms worldwide. Armed with this expertise, we’re confident we can help ensure your logistics business remains competitive long into the future.

Our Robotic Solutions

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