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Supply chain network design

Designed to support your entire network infrastructure and supply strategy, Körber’s supply chain network design solution helps you identify the most effective way to fulfill demand by maximizing margins, increasing service levels and reducing the total cost-to-serve.

Supply Chain Network Design


Just the Facts: Supply Chain Network Design

See how maximizing transportation throughout your supply chain can significanly reduce distribution costs.

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Meeting industry challenges

Faced with extensive product sourcing and distribution options, companies can struggle to identify the most cost-effective method for fulfilling supply chain demand.

This presents a number of associated challenges:

  • High supply chain costs
  • Lack of visibility on cost-to-serve
  • Inability to quantify the cost of change

Robust network software solution

By determining infrastructure strategy, Körber’s network design solution supports industries with complex multimodal distribution networks to reduce their total cost-to-serve.

Not only does it enable companies to review the number, location and capacities of their depots to forecast demand, it identifies the network’s impact on margins and service levels.

This helps companies determine the most cost-effective routes for each demand point, the mode of distribution, the demand points of depots, the resource requirements and the cost-to-serve model for each customer.

The system can also indicate additional costs that might be incurred by serving a demand point from the “next best” depot, for example. Where product sourcing exchange agreements exist, managers can analyze their cost-effectiveness and structure, empowering the contract negotiation process.

Körber advantages

Cut supply chain costs

Identifies the most efficient means of servicing demand within your network constraints.

Risk-free solutions

Test the results of different scenarios without impacting your business.

Reduce service times

Rapidly deliver fully validated information, replacing hours of manual spreadsheet work.

Assess change

Assess the effect of change in demand, product availability, depot numbers, and locations on cost-to-serve.

Simplify complexity

Works with complex logistics inter-dependencies, beyond the scope of conventional software.

The Körber difference

A leader in supply chain logistics for over 20 years, Körber has supported countless businesses, across multiple industries, to transform their strategy and realize cost efficiencies throughout their supply chain network.

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Körber Supply chain network design

Understand and improve the profitability of your entire supply chain.

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