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Körber’s device-agnostic Direct Store Delivery (DSD) native mobile application is designed to address the complex needs of perishable-food distributors. With our innovative solution, your salespeople will be better equipped to undertake direct store delivery in the field, while you’ll gain greater inventory visibility and accountability across your entire business.

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Körber Retail Execution and Direct Store Delivery

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The challenge of managing inventory

Fresh food distribution or direct store delivery requires trackability and traceability at every point in the supply chain, which can create unique challenges:

  • Timely and accurate recordings of transactions in the field
  • Management of inventory shrinkage, damage and theft
  • Mobile workforce’s inability to manipulate pricing in the field, leading to profit loss
  • Monitoring productivity of field workforce
  • Increasing SKUs and discounts.
  • Flexibility across devices and operating systems

Keep everyone working and monitor everything

Our device-agnostic DSD native mobile application gives field workers the option to work while they’re connected in real time, or work offline whenever they lose connectivity.

If you find yourself in a refrigeration area or an underground storage zone without a signal, no problem – you simply continue working offline.

Derek Curtis,

The real beauty of our solution is that it’s not just operating-system-agnostic: it’s device-agnostic too. With inbuilt responsive design, the application will adapt to any screen size.

We know that inventory visibility and accountability is vital to the success of your business, which is why our DSD application uses advanced GPS and SKU management technologies to accurately monitor your workforce location and your entire inventory in real time.

Key benefits

User-friendly controls

With its intuitive interface, your salesforce can manage your ever-increasing stock portfolios, special offers and so forth.

High visibility

If you suspect you have a shrinkage problem or an employee is stealing stock, such issues will become visible very quickly.

Price manipulation

Your mobile workers will be able to adjust prices up or down by a prespecified amount that’s decided by your organization. 

Monitoring workers

Our application records the exact GPS location of where transactions are created. So, you can flag issues and geo-fence exceptions.

The Körber difference

Our DSD solution is truly operating-system and device-agnostic. No other DSD application on the market offers this flexibility. Your workforce can work on any device and continue working offline whenever they enter an Internet-free zone, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Our DSD application brings major benefits

Increase workforce productivity
Maximize inventory visibility
Track your workforce

DSD in use

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Peet’s Coffee

To scale its distribution capabilities and fuel its growth chain in the early 2000s, Peet’s Coffee needed more robust distribution capabilities for its supply chain. They chose the Körber DSD platform, which meant route drivers could eliminate the paperwork involved in the order-taking, stocking and adjustment processes. Twenty years later, Peet’s has enjoyed rapid and continuous growth as well as the neat elimination of downtime, and are still partnered with us to keep extending the system’s capabilities and to explore future possibilities.

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