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System Expansion and Retrofitting

Körber has a team of specialists dedicated to carrying out retrofits and expansion programs. This is great news if you are looking to modernize components or expand your current warehouse operations – without the cost and complexity of implementing a whole new system.

Case study - Bosch

How Bosch saw its performance increase by 60%

The plant, which is almost thirty years old, now boasts the same efficiency as a comparable new installation

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Expansion and retrofitting challenges

Organizations looking to grow or modernize their existing supply chain logistics systems without fully replacing them face challenges:

  • If the original system supplier has retired the system, essential replacement parts are unlikely to be readily available.
  • Without acquiring these spare parts, how can you modernize and future-proof your existing system?
  • There may not be anyone at your original supplier who still has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of your current system

Gain access to equipment and expertise

Körber has access to all the necessary equipment and expertise required for a retrofit or expansion of your existing systems.

Our dedicated retrofit team will provide the right components at the right time. We will carry out your retrofit outside business hours so that there is no downtime and no impact on warehouse productivity.

During a retrofit or modernization of your warehouse, our team will implement and test your retrofitted solution when your system is not running in production mode (usually evenings or weekends). We will run rigorous hardware and software tests to ensure the updated system is running efficiently, and then we will switch over to production mode.

Our goal is to complete your retrofit or expansion without any impact on your warehouse production time.

Key benefits

Depth of knowledge

Our experts have an in-depth understanding and a wealth of experience in carrying out retrofits and expansions for existing warehouse systems. We know that your system is unique and we will gain a deep understanding of how your warehouse operates before implementing a solution.


We will spend time planning your retrofit or expansion to ensure the solution increases efficiencies and productivity across your warehouse operations – now and in the future. We’ll also ensure you have enough spare parts to keep your system running for as long as you specify.

Minimal downtime

Our highly-experienced team are adept when it comes to carrying out retrofits and expansions without disturbing the day-to-day operations of your warehouse. We will work behind the scenes, outside business hours, to deliver your solution. This will avoid downtime for your business.

The Körber difference

When it comes to your current warehousing system, you may have equipment and components that are no longer being manufactured. However, our team has an unparalleled depth of experience and knowledge of these systems, as well as access to spare parts. Plus, we’re equipment agnostic, so we work with all technologies, not just our own. That’s why our clients have complete trust in us to retrofit their warehouses.


For the majority of the systems that we provide retrofit services for, Körber was not the original supplier of the systems.

System Expansion and Retrofitting in use


For this complex retrofit project, Körber successfully upgraded the customer’s cheese warehouse in Austria with state-of-the-art pallet conveyors and modern control systems. All aspects of the retrofit were completed without any interruption to operations.


A comprehensive modernization project was deployed to update the intralogistics in Bosch’s production and distribution warehouse in Salzgitter, Germany. The 30-year-old plant has the same efficiency as a comparable new installation, and performance has increased by 60%. 


A retrofit solution at BMW’s pressing plant in Bavaria increased the plant’s throughput by 10% while ensuring availability of stocks and equipment. The retrofit was implemented in three months with no impact on plant production.

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