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Bolloré Logistics

Körber and Bolloré Logistics partner to deploy Australia’s first 3PL AMR solution for retail and e-commerce fulfilment.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Industry: Third party logistics (3PL)


Bolloré Logistics was looking for a way to maximize efficiency in picking and storage density inside a restricted warehouse space. Additionally, the team needed to:

  • Handle multiple unique product SKU’s
  • Facilitate distribution to retail stores and consumers

Solutions Implemented:

Körber helped Bolloré Logistics facilitate efficient delivery by implementing:

  • Geek+ Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)


Working with Körber, Bolloré Logistics was able to reduce space costs and create efficient picking workflows. Additional benefits included:

  • Increased picking productivity and throughput
  • End-to-end data integration
  • Accurate order fulfilment

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