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Transportation Spend Optimization

For enterprises with dynamic supply chains looking to simplify complex transportation operations.

Körber helps shippers reduce true total transportation spend across all types of freight and drives operational improvements across supply planning and merchandising. We offer strategic transportation sourcing, global freight audit and payment, and delivery performance management atop a unified transportation workbench to strengthen vendor relationships, improve delivery performance, enhance customer experience and simplify the transportation spend management process.


Optimize and improve complex supply chain operations. Transform your transportation spend management process to reduce financial complexity and reduce operational risk through market leadership.

Being a shipper of choice could be a long-term strategy

Peak season can introduce new challenges and complexities to your business. Learn how small short-term changes can result in massive long-term benefits by creating a codependent relationship between shippers and carriers.


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Key Benefits

Reduce shipping costs

Transform data into actionable intelligence

Streamline financial complexity

Eliminate NVA workflows

Strengthen shippers of choice

Delight our customer’s customers

Freight Audit and Payment

Many companies are losing money paying unnecessary charges on their freight bills and using inefficient processes.


Are you paying higher transportation rates than necessary that impact the bottom line?


myShipINFO® powers Körber’s freight audit and payment solution. With business intelligence purpose-built for transportation teams, this proprietary cloud-based software transforms data into actionable intelligence. The solution helps shippers optimize and improve their complex supply chain operations across all modes of transportation – to and from any location across the globe, in any currency or language, so they can deliver on time.


Finance professionals will have access to myShipINFO® for purpose-built business intelligence and accurate, real-time transportation data from (ERP, OMS, TMS, WMS) within a single portal to make informed decisions. The Körber team of experts transforms that data into actionable business intelligence that you can use to easily improve your operations.

Körber will audit every detail of the freight bill invoice, comparing the actual rates and accessorial charges billed to you with the rates in your tariff(s) on all domestic and international freight shipments. Our audit solution utilizes a call center to maximize parcel credits, which helps you receive 30 percent of credits that are denied by other carriers’ automated systems. Körber is uniquely able to deliver optimal client results through an auditing team with decades of experience.


We audit over 5,000 carriers, all modes of transportation, transact stable currencies and translate 14 languages in 100+ countries in myShipINFO® to provide our clients comprehensive global coverage.


Körber’s Transportation Spend Optimization team helps shippers and carriers gauge their carbon emissions and implement measures to reduce or offset them. The introduction of Carbon Emissions Reporting into Körber’s global leading solution myShipINFO® streamlines your transportation team’s sustainability initiatives by utilizing standards from EPA and IMF for measures and compliance reporting.

Standards Aligned Methodology

  • Utilizes standards from EPA and IMF to determine carbon emissions compliance

Interactive and Dynamic Reports

  • Visibility into carbon emissions across all modes, carriers and services
  • Reporting and analytics to filter on relevant business attributes
  • Access shipment level details


  • Accelerate internal initiatives related to ESG
  • Carbon emissions reporting for stakeholders
  • Differentiate your brand and improve customer acquisition
  • Optimize service levels based on emissions impact
  • Access government subsidies and drive cost reductions through lower energy consumption
  • Trusted by Körber clients committed to Sustainability

What Our Customers are Saying

Our partnership with Körber began with freight audit and payment services for the United States, and we’ve started to expand in other territories around the world. Their collaboration and data analytics provide an additional arm to our logistics team, improving our cost management and delivering enhanced value to our customers. Through ongoing discussions, we plan to expand into other service offerings from their team.

Nathan Remaly
VP, Logistics, Zones Inc.

As our business grew exponentially in volume and complexity, we needed a partner who truly understood the details of carrier agreements and was able to translate it into simple rate structures that we understood. This is where Körber came in. They have exceeded their promised ROI and saved us materially more in shipping costs than had we dealt with the carriers on our own. Specifically, they helped us navigate a multi-carrier strategy for parcel shipping with negotiated minimums allowing us to have our cake and eat it too. If you don't have time to decipher the purposefully dense contracts from carriers and need to reduce your transportation spend, partner with Körber

Hamaad Akmal
VP of International Ops & Global Logistics, GOAT

Working with Körber has been a closely-knit journey. We selected Körber due to the vested commitment and interest to help sustain and grow our business and grow with our company.  Very dedicated team members who push for excellence and stay the commitment.  Since implementation, we have seen highly increased efficiencies in reporting, increased accuracy of reporting, as well as more reliable and capable forecasting abilities

Troy Allen
Director Global Supply Chain Finance, Urban Outfitters

Bill Pay and Quick Bill Pay – Transportation Payment Solutions

Körber helps shippers with global payment execution and reporting solutions to streamline complex freight accounts payables and financial processes.

  • 20+ years’ experience in business finance
  • Global footprint – domestic and international parcel and freight payments
  • OFAC screening and monitoring
  • Designating accounts specific to our client’s setup
  • A proud banking relationship with JPMorgan Chase (Global reach)

We simplify your carrier and supply chain payments. Accounts payable is a cost center with high overhead. Transportation invoices are complex and time-consuming to review and pay. We reduce payment costs and errors, saving you money and the cost incurred in fixing mistakes. Your finance team will have the visibility into transportation spend to make decisions in real-time, freeing up resources on your team for more valuable tasks.


Join the successful companies building better carrier relationships with managed accounts payables and get a hard dollar return on investment by outsourcing audit and payment.



Simplify complex supply chain operations with Körber’s Transportation Spend Optimization solution

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Case study - GNC

Health and wellness retailer optimizes transportation spend

Global invoice audit, payment and visibility solution delivers hard savings

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Transportation Solution Consulting (TSC)

Carrier sourcing & contract optimization

Market perspectives provide shippers with greater visibility beyond their own agreements. Körber is uniquely positioned to maximize the value of the transportation function, accelerate along the fulfillment maturity curve, and drive strategic change throughout the supply chain to boost long-term ROI.

  • Market intelligence: updates and trends
  • Carrier sourcing
  • Strategic initiatives
  • Contract optimization
  • Scenario management
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Peer benchmarking
  • Strategy roadmapping
  • Ad hoc analytics
  • Monthly KPI analysis
  • Reduction in low value-add tasks

Key differentiators

  • Future-state modeling and strategy formulation
  • Peer-based, data driven, mode-appropriate benchmarking and VOR modeling
  • Granular, package / shipment-level analysis
  • Former carrier experience in pricing, planning, and operations, not just sales
  • Mature process and proprietary toolsets
  • Synergistic opportunities with in-house audit, visibility, and bill pay
  • Revenue model ensures client’s interests are paramount, not simply lowest-cost options


Diligence > Execution > Analyze > Implement


This is Transportation Spend Optimization beyond Freight Audit and Payment.

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