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Directed warehouse operations

Our industry-leading voice, vision and mobility systems empower warehouse workforces to complete tasks in a more ergonomic and efficient way. These systems can be combined as multimodal solutions to dramatically increase productivity and accuracy, while making life easier and safer for workers.

Warehouse challenges

Organizations looking to increase efficiency face major challenges:

  • To remain competitive, warehouses must eliminate operational inefficiencies.
  • Rising customer expectations mean businesses must meet tighter shipping windows and ensure increased order accuracy.
  • Operations are being asked to increase warehouse productivity without increasing expenses.
  • Onboarding and training warehouse workers is difficult, especially when dealing with labor challenges and temporary labor to help handle seasonal peaks.


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Voice, vision and mobility

Our auto-ID solutions (RF devices, Android devices and mobile printers) replace manual systems to increase accuracy and make warehouse workers more mobile. Our mobility products can also be paired with voice or vision technology to increase data capture and customize our solutions to your needs.

Workers prefer using our voice-directed technology because it’s so simple and intuitive. In a busy warehouse, it improves safety by allowing workers to have their hands and eyes free, keeping them focused on the task at hand. Your workforce will get more done in less time and with greater accuracy when it comes to picking, replenishment, and other tasks. Additionally, training with voice is simple, allowing workers to get up to speed quickly without burdening management or other workers.

Adding another layer of ergonomic efficiency, our vision technology combines with voice and mobility to provide warehouse pickers with enhanced data. The vision system directs the associate to the product and provides additional information that guides them through the process, so they can quickly and easily identify the next products to be picked. By pairing either voice or mobility solutions to our vision technology, you can seamlessly update your system of record as workers move through the warehouse.

Vision technology is also extremely well suited to returns, which is a key part of warehouse operations in the ecommerce era.

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2022 Voice RFP Template

A comprehensive RFP template to help choose your Voice vendor.

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Key benefits

Increased Productivity

There are no distractions as new tasks are delivered via a headset as each task is completed. This keeps team members, and operations, moving both eyes free and hands free.

Eliminating mistakes

Warehouse workers receiving clear, easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions are less likely to make costly mistakes. 

Easy to learn

New employees can learn how to use our voice-directed system and be ready to start picking in a few hours. 


As an industry leader, Körber is committed to advancing voice, vision and mobility systems through ongoing R&D.

Most of our products weigh thirty pounds or more per case, so having two hands free was a big motivator.

Aaron Chrismas,
Director of Strategy and Technology, ContainerWorld

The Körber difference

We have a proven track record of successful deployments scaling up to complex multi-site rollouts, and we can integrate our voice, vision and mobility solutions into any host system. Our global capabilities allow us to deliver solutions anywhere in the world. However, we also pride ourselves on our ability to provide customers with the experience of a local vendor.

Significant results

Up to 35% increase in productivity

Up to 25% more accurate

Up to 50% less training time

50+ languages available

Our voice picking systems in use

Case study - Fox Racing

Transform productivity and performance

Sporting goods retailer knocks efficiency, productivity out of the park with warehouse upgrades.

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Case study - RS Components

Achieve productivity gains with voice

Voice enables global components distributor's picking accuracy to reach 99.9%.

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Case study - Talbots

Bringing a voice to retail logistics

Voice empowers fashion retailer to increase fulfillment productivity.

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