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Körber offers solutions to optimize critical maintenance and inspection operations using software and voice-directed workflows. Organizations carrying out preventative maintenance can use voice to reduce expensive, unscheduled equipment downtime, increase inspections quality, and improve overall efficiencies. Voice also improves compliance and auditability, ensuring that the right inspections are accurately performed for the correct equipment within standardized inspection time frames.

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Challenges for maintenance organizations

Whether they’re maintaining trucks, aircraft, buildings or IT equipment, organizations performing checklist-based inspections face a range of challenges:

  • Unscheduled equipment failures ripple throughout the supply chain, resulting in dissatisfied customers, costly error correction and underutilized equipment.
  • Highly paid technicians often spend time completing data entry rather than performing preventative maintenance tasks.
  • Training for new technicians can be inconsistent, with organizations relying on existing technicians to train new employees correctly.

Voice inspection software standardizes inspections

Based on a proven voice inspection platform, Körber provides tailored solutions for your unique inspection and workflow challenges.

Whether you are running legacy systems that lack flexibility, or are buried in paper and struggling with spreadsheets, Körber can work with you to improve maintenance and inspection processes, which will increase accountability, accuracy and efficiency.

In addition to software optimized processes, unique voice-guided technician instructions ensure that maintenance is carried out properly and automatically logged. Ultimately, this will remove manual data entry and paper storage from your processes.

Key benefits

Decreased downtime

Our voice inspection solution reduces unscheduled maintenance and equipment failures by increasing the accuracy of inspections. This leads to increased customer satisfaction, and a decrease in the costs associated with asset recovery and unscheduled maintenance activities.

Standardization of inspections

Every employee is trained to carry out inspections and directed step-by-step through the inspections process in the same way. This eliminates errors caused by inconsistent training or inspectors adopting different working methods.

No more manual data entry

The voice dialog guides technicians through the inspection process and records results, removing the need for data entry and paper storage. The enhanced data can then be used to make informed decisions about equipment cycle times and preventative maintenance processes.

The Körber difference

Körber has a proven track record of successful deployments scaling up to complex multi-site rollouts, and we can integrate our voice inspection solution into any host system. Our global capabilities allow us to deliver voice solutions anywhere in the world, while still providing customers with the experience of a local vendor.

Our new approach to a voice-guided preventive maintenance process is exceeding our expectations for shop productivity and customer uptime.

Gregg Mangione,
Senior Vice President of Maintenance, Penske Truck Leasing

Voice inspection in use:


Evaluating warehouse technology

Learn how voice clearly outperforms paper, RF scanning and pick-to-light solutions.

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Nilfisk, based in Denmark, was seeking a solution to help with efficiency in the inspection line. The company had already implemented voice into picking, so the workers were already familiar with the technology. By removing paper and data entry from the process, Nilfisk increased productivity by more than 30% and achieved ROI in only one month.


This leading global transportation services provider implemented our voice inspection software for its fleet of more than 300,000 vehicles. The solution improves inspection and repair accuracy, eliminates paperwork and ensures full documentation and compliance with regulations. Penske has completed about 4 million voice-directed preventative maintenance inspections.

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