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Hardware, maintenance and support

Wherever you are in the world, however large or small your organization, Körber has the proven ability to deliver multimodal – voice, vision and mobility – warehouse and distribution center solutions. Our experts will provide an end-to-end hardware, maintenance and support solution to optimize process efficiencies and increase workforce productivity across your organization.

Supply chain challenges for warehouses

Managing warehouses is becoming increasingly challenging:

  • To remain competitive, organizations must reduce costs and maximize productivity by eliminating redundant processes.
  • In the online era, recipients expect deliveries to arrive much faster, especially ecommerce customers.
  • In such a high turnover industry, recruiting people (including seasonal workers) and training them quickly are major challenges.
  • Having one vendor for software, another for devices and a third for services leads to operational complexities.

Körber’s all-encompassing voice, vision and mobility solutions

Solution Sheet

Körber Voice, Vision and Mobility

Increase operational efficiency and workforce productivity


World-class voice hardware
Körber provides purpose-built voice devices designed for the warehouse, including a range of world-leading Honeywell Voice and Zebra solutions. Honeywell Voice ruggedized headsets are specifically engineered for industrial voice-directed work applications.

World-class vision and mobility hardware
We also provide rugged, industry-leading mobile computers and printers. With these intuitive, easy-to-use devices running your warehouse software, you can train staff quickly and make your workforce mobile for increased productivity.

Choose the right devices
Our systems are designed to support a wide range of devices, including purpose-built and the latest Android devices. If you opt to purchase your devices through Körber, we offer a comprehensive set-up service from configuration to integration. Then we will provide you with ongoing services to keep all your systems running.

Maintenance and support

Körber’s comprehensive range of certified hardware repair and maintenance services will protect your investment and minimize downtime.

From wireless LAN design implementation and support through to voice server management, our infrastructure experts will ensure your systems work with Körber solutions, regardless of who your ERP or warehouse management provider is.

Once your solution is implemented, our support team will ensure it stays up and running for the long term, to maximize uptime and increase productivity.

Key benefits

24/7 support

Available around the clock, our support teams have a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of all voice, vision and mobility technologies.


Whether you’re a multinational organization or a local operation, we can scale our services to meet your exact requirements and provide a consistent performance experience.

Single provider

Not only do we provide a comprehensive suite of voice, vision and mobility solutions, we will also fully configure and fully support all your Körber systems and devices.

The Körber difference

When it comes toall-encompassing solutions incorporating voice, vision and mobility with implementation and support services, Körber’s expertise is unrivalled. In addition, we can integrate our solutions into any host system.

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