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Körber Yard Management System (YMS)

Our YMS supports both manually controlled and automated yards and sites, giving you the tools and transparency required to operate your yard at maximum flexibility. It provides complete visibility of your equipment, carriers, personnel and inventory. It optimizes all yard processes, as well as your inbound and outbound operational flows, reduces your processing times and optimizes use of your resources.

Modern yard management challenges

Increasingly complex yard operations present a number of challenges that often result in long waiting and processing times for drivers and inefficient use of resources.


  • Different carriers and fleets requiring different processes
  • A lack of transparency into equipment and movements in the yard
  • Ensuring equipment and vehicles are available at the right place, at the right time
  • Efficiently managing arriving and departing carrier appointments and the associated dock and slot assignments
  • A lack of carrier compliance data and KPIs (for example, gate and yard driver productivity metrics)
  • Inability to integrate complementary yard technology to run your yard more efficiently
  • Adapting to new requirements as your business evolves
  • A need to comply with regulatory requirements for imports and exports

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Körber Yard Management

Optimize your entire distribution and logistics operation

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Comprehensive yard management drives efficiency and transparency

Körber’s YMS provides full visibility and control of your operations, for complex, highly automated, as well as operator-managed yards. 

It helps prioritize equipment and associated inventory, optimizes personnel and processes, reduces gate and dock wait times and manages your regulatory compliance.

Your yard management solution will remain viable for years, with functionality that can be upgraded and extended as your business and requirements evolve over time.

Key capabilities of the solution:

  • Management of medium-to-large-sized yard facilities and complex container parks
  • Fully automated control of yard processes
  • Support for dispatching during manual decisions
  • Support for multi-yard, multi-client businesses
  • Dock and slot management with inflow control and constraint-based appointing to manage carrier reliability
  • Integrated control of yard equipment and peripherals, including: display panels, traffic lights, gate technology and transponder systems
  • Seamless integration with warehouse and transport management solutions from multiple vendors

Our clients are able to maintain, enhance and improve the solution over time without us being involved, creating a scenario where 5, 10, 20 years from now they’re not just going to be able keep up, they’re going to be able to set the pace, to be the industry benchmark.

Jon Kuerschner,
Director of Product Consulting at Körber

Key benefits

Optimized yard management

Provides all the tools to optimize scheduling, throughput and resource utilization for your yard operations.

Complete digitization

Captures data from integrated yard technology and peripherals to enable their control through the YMS and increase operational efficiencies. 

Flexible Control

Configurable process management based on current status, transport orders and dock and slot availability allows flexible control of all movements in the yard. 


An intuitive graphical user interface displays the status and tracing of all yard processes and processing times. It is supported on both mobile and desktop devices.

The Körber difference

As yards become more and more complex and customers deploy new technologies, improved transparency and control are crucial to simplifying day-to-day operations.

Our YMS provides you with the visibility and the means to manage your entire yard operation, as well as the flexibility to adapt and future-proof your solution to meet the demands of your business as it evolves.

The Körber YMS is the missing link between warehousing and transportation. It helps our customers to solve issues in the yard, and with inbound traffic and dock utilization. It connects and seamlessly integrates already established processes, optimizes them and increases overall operational efficiencies.

Veit Liemen,
Senior Vice President Sales Europe at Körber

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