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Warehouse Design and Simulation

With Körber’s warehouse design software, you can quickly and easily test and evaluate new warehouse layout configurations and operational process changes in a computer model.


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Flexibility is a key challenge in today’s warehouses

In the ecommerce era, time is of the essence and your business needs results quickly. However, you face major challenges in the dynamic and fast-paced warehouse industry:

  • Fixed automation is no longer the only way to increase productivity.
  • The flexibility to adapt quickly is vital to the success of your organization.
  • How can you be sure the changes in your warehouse will have a positive effect?

Warehouse design without business disruption

Advance beyond spreadsheets to make better business decisions. Our intuitive warehouse design systems require minimal data input on your part, and will quickly highlight the areas of your warehouse that urgently need your attention.

Your planners will find our applications straightforward and very easy to learn, while your IT people will find them simple to manage and maintain. Most importantly, your organization will have the flexibility to plan and test warehouse changes without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

A major benefit we’ve had is we can re-plan the whole operation from a very safe vantage point. We can theorize; we can re-model the warehouse again and again without affecting our operations, which is crucial for our service levels.

Christian Mander,
Senior Business Analyst, Palletforce Ltd

Key benefits

3D modeling

With an intuitive user interface, your operations team can quickly build virtual 3D models of your warehouse.

Gain insights

You can “walk through” your virtual warehouse to see the layout and performance of your entire operation.

Compare scenarios

Key performance data allows the benefits of different scenarios to be compared.

Monitor operations

Find out if all the orders received were dispatched on time and drill down into hour-by-hour operational reports.

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The Körber difference

Our warehouse design and simulation application helps organizations to visualize the ideal warehouse with all the right equipment in place, from robots to packing machines and forklift trucks. Once you have the right designs in place, you can then choose the right warehouse management system for your organization.

All our customers love the fact that our warehouse simulator is so easy to use. There’s no big overhead when it comes to teaching them, or in terms of maintaining the solution. People can very quickly get up to speed and derive value.

Simon Shore,

Virtual modeling brings major benefits

  • Quickly test new ideas
  • Make better-informed decisions
  • Maintain uninterrupted operations

Warehouse design and simulation in use


Just the Facts: Warehouse Simulation Software

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