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Unified Commerce Platform

Power your omnichannel transformation to create frictionless and unforgettable customer experiences.

Consumer demands have never been higher. Neither has the need for brands and retailers to quickly adapt and respond to ever-changing expectations. Consumers expect a frictionless buying experience, requiring brands to enable buy, fulfill, track and return anywhere commerce.


Rapidly deliver customer-centric commerce on a single cloud platform for:

  • One enterprise view of the customer, inventory, order, item and payment for better visibility and service
  • Optimized omnichannel order orchestration and fulfillment for better margins
  • Seamless data exchange throughout your network for more reliable integrations
  • Elevated customer engagement by empowering associates for better customer satisfaction
  • Highly scalable solution that rapidly integrates with existing systems for future-proofing your technology stack

Go to market with the speed, agility and extensibility to exceed customer expectations

Faster time to value

Leverage our rapidly deployable microservices OMS and easily integrate with existing systems and integration points across your enterprise.

Reduced overhead & operational costs

Lower your total cost of ownership through optimized fulfillment costs, reduced integration costs, increased gross margin return on inventory investment (GMROI) and improved working capital.

Improved customer experience & brand loyalty

Deliver frictionless and unforgettable omnichannel customer experiences — driving repeat purchases, customer advocacy and long-term brand loyalty.

A platform built for extensibility, agility and profitability

Leverage a single view of your inventory and customer, optimally route and fulfill orders, enhance the shipment experience and empower customer care.

  • Optimize your inventory visibility, management and gross margin return on investment by exposing inventory available-to-promise (ATP) and available-to-ship throughout the retail enterprise.
  • Dynamically and easily orchestrate complex sourcing and fulfillment scenarios to complete orders quickly and efficiently, from the optimal location, using an enterprise-wide view of inventory. 
  • Leverage buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS), curbside pickup, ship from store, ship from distribution/warehouse locations and vendor dropship (from supplier/3PLs) with customizable fulfillment options, including native dropship capabilities – easily managed by anyone across the business.
  • Empower your customer care teams, fulfillment partners and store associates with access to manage orders, view inventory and complete sales. Personalize every customer engagement experience, improve service and boost satisfaction.

By leveraging our agile, cloud-native OMS, a global toy retailer was able to fulfill 350+ orders per day, after successfully standing up BOPIS and curbside pickup in only two weeks. 

Empower store associates to deliver seamless, exceptional customer service from a single handheld device anywhere in the store. This easy-to-use, flexible and customizable mobile application uniquely integrates omnichannel order fulfillment, enterprise inventory availability and mobile point of sale capabilities all in the palm of your hand.

  • Leverage enterprise-wide inventory to increase average order value by offering endless aisle to in-store customers.
  • Provide associates the flexibility to serve customers from anywhere in the store.
  • Deploy micro fulfillment centers (MFCs) by empowering associates to pick, pack and ship orders — all from within the store.
  • Launch and support BOPIS, curbside pickup and ship from store.

American football brand selects Körber mobile fulfillment app to improve store experience and drive more sales.

Expand your item assortment to meet customer demand and increase sales without taking on additional inventory costs.

  • Rapidly onboard suppliers, 3PL and other trading partners to fulfill orders.
  • Leverage and provide suppliers with customizable dashboards to show all open orders, invoices and active products.
  • Seamlessly create and maintain unique product catalogs with suppliers and centralize supporting documentation and imagery to publish to any desired source.
  • Benefit from prebuilt integrations to our order management systems (OMS).
  • Leverage our integration platform as a service (iPaaS) to rapidly integrate with existing systems and streamline integrations.


A US-based supplement, vitamin and wellness retailer expands dropship program by 400 percent with native OMS dropship capabilities.

Effortlessly build out new direct-to-consumer sales and fulfillment channels, expose available inventory and capture additional sales through easy integration to Amazon, eBay and Walmart – three of the largest marketplaces in the world.

  • Quickly and easily list product offerings in online marketplaces with up-to-date product information.
  • Easily view product availability and location to ensure orders are fulfilled accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Provide real-time order status information throughout the fulfillment and delivery process.


In 2021, $3.23 trillion was spent globally on the top 100 online marketplaces.

Thrive my way

Provide a frictionless omnichannel experience by enabling your associates to view customer order status and history across channels to meet one of the most commonly-asked questions in customer care – “where’s my order?”

  • Enable customer care representatives to easily capture new orders and initiate order/item returns or exchanges while chatting live with your customer.
  • Empower your customer care associates to personalize the customer experience and engage in clienteling by providing visibility to the customer profile and order history.
  • Arm your representatives with item lookup/inquiry capabilities and the ability to view customer interaction history and inventory available-to-promise (ATP) throughout your enterprise.


A customer is 4x as likely to buy from a competitor if the problem is service related, rather than price or product related.

Bain & Co.

Seamlessly exchange data and documents with trading partners across your retail network to unify enterprise commerce and manage orders, including documentation and imagery to publish to any desired source.

  • Rapidly onboard trading partners and customize file formats, reduce manual processes and minimize resource requirements to improve trading partner compliance and data connectivity.
  • Gain enterprise visibility and control of inventory, orders, invoices, advanced shipment notices (ASNs) and other vital trading documents and data with our supplier management tools.

A large specialty pet retailer increased its dropship trading partner community from 50 vendors to 150 to successfully fill 15,000+ orders containing a dropship item per month.

Modern architecture to future proof your technology stack

As one of the first order management software providers in the market to enable cloud-based microservices order management, our platform provides the agility, extensibility and scalability needed to meet consumer demand. Remain adaptable to evolve your products, services and capabilities into the future with a robust set of microservices on a single code base, with the ability to develop a highly personalized shopping experience for your customers.


Experience seamless integration with your existing tech stack and reduce implementation time by extending functionality. The platform’s highly extensible APIs easily extend integration capabilities — with critical retail systems including ERP, CRM, WMS, loyalty, subscriptions, payment, email, tax and more — without the headache of external, complicated, or outdated integration frameworks.


A cloud-native commerce platform built from the ground up as microservices architecture, on a multi-enterprise integration framework and a single data model allows you to rapidly integrate and enable customer-centric, unified commerce in weeks or months, versus years.


Leverage a system-agnostic OMS that gives brands and retailers the ability to “compose” and adapt the technology stack as your business grows and changes.


Gain flexibility and get closer to your customers by leveraging a fully integrated network of systems necessary to fulfill customer orders, improving speed-to-value and a seamless customer experience. iPaaS enables integration with ease and allows you to pivot quickly to keep your customers satisfied and integrations flowing.


Why Choose Körber?

Our Platform

Körber has one of the industry’s most functionally rich platforms, built strategically with a modern architecture to position you for growth. Consolidate your tech stack, eliminate risk and reduce total cost of ownership.

Our People

We hire top talent in retail, commerce and supply chain. We aren’t just experts in our space, we enjoy it and are here to partner with you to make you the hero.

Our Performance

Our customers experience consistent and continual success. We help turn aspirations into reality, and complexities into opportunities. We have a scalable, proven solution with demonstrated success.

What our customers are saying

Körber's Enspire Commerce OMS has been an integral part of the Titan Brands’ digital transformation, helping us to provide a better customer experience through increased visibility and reliability throughout the delivery process.

Jeff Hill
Director of Global Supply Chain, Titan Brands

The capabilities of Körber's OMS and Unified Commerce Platform are extremely robust. Their solution is exceptionally sophisticated and agile to meet our long-term needs.

Tricia Tolivar

Körber's Enspire Commerce team brings a wealth of retail and 3PL experience, making them a truly valued partner for our business.

Steve Congro
Director of Omnichannel Technology, Saddle Creek Logistics

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