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Proof of Delivery

Körber’s Proof of Delivery solution is designed to keep transport organizations and their customers informed about shipment progress right up to the point of delivery. Our solution effectively provides complete visibility during the “last mile” of the transport supply chain.

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Körber Proof of Delivery

Transparency during the “last mile” of the supply chain

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Manual delivery systems present major challenges

Today, customers demand short delivery times, and have come to expect next-day, or even same-day delivery, as well as detailed visibility into their delivery’s progress. Transportation providers must operate at peak performance and enable transparency for their customers and recipients alike. Trying to accomplish this with manual, paper-based delivery systems presents major challenges:

  • Once a truck leaves the warehouse you have no idea where it is at any given point during the journey.
  • With written records, vital information such as delivery notes, damages and changed load devices will not be available until the driver has returned to the distribution center.
  • Customer requests and complaints can’t be addressed in a timely manner because customer service cannot be informed until after the driver returns.
  • Customers demand real-time delivery information, especially during the timeframe immediately before delivery.

Proof of Delivery optimizes delivery processes

Our Proof of Delivery solution digitizes and collects information about the delivery progress, including digital signatures, and then makes it available in real time to all stakeholders. 

Drivers use a mobile application to record, communicate and transmit all activities related to deliveries, returns and returnable goods. This information is then shared, via a secure web portal, with transportation providers, customers and recipients. They also receive continual updates of the delivery status, from the distribution center to the point of delivery. 

The resulting transparency also enables accurate invoicing and processing of customer complaints, and allows you to optimize delivery processes. Our Proof of Delivery solution also offers complete deployment flexibility: it is available as a standalone solution, or it can be integrated into your existing supply chain applications from Körber, SAP or other  vendors. In addition, customers can host the solution’s backend and web-based portal in Körber’s cloud or on their premises. 

Transportation service providers who have already deployed a proof of delivery solution can use our EDI component to exchange data with customers.

Case study - BOOXpress

10 million SKUs, 400 trucks, 6 days a week

How one transportation services provider for an omnichannel book vendor automates planning and management of an extensive transport network

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Key capabilities include:

  • User-friendly mobile app (iOS, Android) to capture and report delivery and pickup activities.
  • A secure web portal which provides real-time visibility into delivery status, from the distribution center to the end customer.
  • Streamlined functionality for handling of returnable goods and empties.
  • Simplified reporting of damages.

Key benefits

Transparency for customers and supply chain partners

Customers, recipients and other stakeholders receive real-time status information, including delivery notes, pictures of damages, and various reports through the customer portal.

Actionable insights to improve efficiency

Proof of Delivery creates total transparency during the “last mile” of the supply chain. This allows you to optimize deliveries, improve associated processes and increase productivity of your drivers.

Driver-friendly functionality

Our app is designed to make truck drivers’ lives easier with a range of functions, such as documenting loads and damage with photos, while the touchscreen enables scanning of barcodes and electronic recording of signatures.

The Körber difference

Our proven, mature Proof of Delivery solution offers extensive functionality for B2B and B2C deliveries. Unlike solutions from many other vendors, it can be integrated seamlessly into supply chain solutions from Körber, SAP or other vendors, to enable end-to-end visibility of your supply chain processes, all the way to the point of delivery.

Whatever deployment scenario you choose, the resulting transparency and actionable insights will provide significant added value for you, your customers and your supply chain partners.

Proof of Delivery in use

Market brief

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Germany’s leading roof system provider relies on Körber’s Proof of Delivery app to deliver goods for 80,000 construction sites per year.

Ferros Puig

This specialist retailer of high-quality steel and iron goods in Spain uses Proof of Delivery as an integral part of their overall supply chain solution, based on a warehouse management system and transport management system from Körber.

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