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Elevate your omnichannel order orchestration

Optimize omnichannel order fulfillment, manage the order lifecycle and oversee the buyer journey across your complex supply chain network to meet customer expectations while minimizing cost.

Effortlessly manage orders across all channels and locations

Delivering the most powerful order routing engine and fulfillment logic in the market, Körber's functionally-rich Order Management System (OMS) optimizes omnichannel order routing and delivers a single view of customer inventory orders, items, shipments and payments across your enterprise. As the market leader in order routing with the ability to pivot rules quickly, Körber's order routing capabilities have been recognized in The Forrester Wave™.


Our order management system (OMS) provides advanced customer experience management, including inventory visibility, order confirmations, alerts and updates. Store associates appreciate our highly-intuitive, easy-to-use user interface (no training/manual required) that makes it simple to fulfill orders and deliver personalized service for customers.

Power your omnichannel orchestration

Accurately and efficiently fulfilling orders is key to omnichannel profitability. Körber's OMS enables you to leverage inventory closest to demand to speed up fulfillment and reduce costs. Deliver a seamless customer experience by fulfilling orders based on customer expectations around fulfillment speed, location, shipment visibility and cost. 

Order Routing

Optimize fulfillment by identifying the best location for inventory available-to-promise (ATP) and benefit from the best of both worlds – define and optimize strategies with a simple-to-use tool that doesn’t require IT resources to set up. Tap into over a dozen cost considerations to further optimize your defined rules for routing.


Körber's solution enables visibility over in-store inventory and order fulfillment timeframes. Our robust customer experience management offering proactively provides communications to your customers throughout the lifecycle of the order. Deliver a seamless BOPIS experience that fosters brand loyalty and competitive advantage.

Rules Engine

Flexibility in configuration is key to driving profitability. Körber's rules engine combines power, speed and flexibility to supercharge ease of use. With a user-friendly, simple user interface (UI), Körber's powerful rules engine responds quickly to changes and rapidly configures rules based on your needs.

Data Lifecycle Management

Manage data, inventory, orders and payments across all your systems to optimize order fulfillment. Improve your customer experience and customer care delivered by your associates with the ability to view, track and manage orders and payments across the retail enterprise, including orders fulfilled by dropship partners (suppliers, third-party logistics partners), stores and distribution centers (DCs).

Order Orchestration FAQs

Order orchestration is the strategic arrangement of logic, processes and rules around how and where to fulfill orders from within a distribution network. Order orchestration should take into account inventory availability, product SKUs, business preferences (i.e., ship complete, split shipments, kill or fill, capacity, etc.) and cost optimization (i.e., proximity to customer, ship from store, etc.).


Simply put, order orchestration is the sourcing and allocation strategy to find the ideal location to fulfill orders.


Order orchestration is just one step in the broader topic of order management. Order management encompasses the entire process from order capture to last mile delivery, while order orchestration is the sourcing and rules to determine the best and most cost-effective way to fulfill orders.


Order orchestration is a key aspect of omnichannel profitability and reduces the cost to fulfill. Additionally, order orchestration enables brands to curate a customer-centric fulfillment process that drives customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.


Körber's Order Management System combines enterprise-level inventory visibility with robust order sourcing rules and routing logic (also known as order orchestration). This capability empowers brands to route and fulfill orders in the most cost-effective, customer-friendly way possible within their network.


Körber's OMS has enterprise-level capability with user-friendly simplicity. We have prebuilt, industry tested workflows for complex scenarios, yet offer the ability to configure easily within the user interface.

KPI and numbers

Our end-to-end commerce and supply chain solutions expertise offers our customers the unmatched retail domain expertise necessary to bridge digital and physical commerce.


Years of in-house OMS expertise


The industry's first unified commerce platform built as microservices


Global clients


Global omnichannel and

supply chain consultants

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