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Obtain inventory visibility across your enterprise

Leverage inventory available-to-promise (ATP) across your enterprise to meet customer demand, optimize omnichannel fulfillment, improve customer service and increase profitability.

Gain inventory visibility across channels to optimize omnichannel fulfillment

Make inventory visibility your competitive advantage by connecting your two biggest assets – your inventory and your customer.


Körber's Order Management System (OMS) provides visibility on inventory located across your enterprise, including stores, distribution centers (DCs)/warehouses, suppliers (dropship) and third-party logistics providers (3PLs). Optimally route and fulfill orders with customized rules that balance customer service, fulfillment speed and cost. 

Delivering real-time enterprise inventory visibility

Körber's functionally rich order management system delivers the inventory level visibility required to unify commerce and meet customer expectations.

Customer Experience

Inventory visibility across the supply chain is key to delivering exceptional consumer experiences and enabling buy, fulfill, track and return anywhere commerce. Let improved inventory visibility take your company to the next step.

Cost Savings & Profitability

Körber's OMS maximizes gross margin return on investment (GMROI) by dynamically allocating orders, reducing carrying costs and minimizing safety stock.

Omnichannel Fulfillment

Meet demand and deliver the fulfillment experience your customers want and expect. Körber's omnichannel OMS delivers the inventory requisite to stand up and scale omnichannel fulfillment options.

Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Create more sales opportunities and instill customer confidence by allowing consumers to view real-time stock levels on-hand across your enterprise.

Reduce Fulfillment Costs

Leverage inventory positioned closest to customer demand to reduce fulfillment timeframes and costs.


Drive additional store purchases with buy online, pickup/return in store (BOPIS/BORIS) and leverage store inventory to deliver customer orders faster and more efficiently.

Customer Service & Care

Empower store and customer care associates to source inventory and place orders at the time of demand with accurate visibility, improving customer engagement and service.

Expose Store Inventory

Use store inventory to fulfill increasing eCommerce orders to improve efficiency.

Ship to/from Store

Reduce delivery time and costs by utilizing store inventory to fulfill eCommerce orders and drive customer satisfaction.

Brand Experience & Loyalty

Millions of consumers worldwide are experiencing exceptional service levels from organizations that leverage Körber's OMS. We help you make and keep the customer promise, foster brand loyalty and improve the lifetime value of your customer.

View Inventory ATP

Leverage every sale opportunity with the ability to view and sell inventory available to promise (ATP).

Curbside Pickup

Rapidly scale and provide your customers with the seamless curbside pickup/click-and-collect experience they expect.

Expand Item Assortment

Strategically leverage dropshipping solutions to increase inventory assortment without taking on additional capital expenditure.

Reduce Inventry Waste

Reduce inventory waste and item markdowns throughout your enterprise with improved inventory visibility.


Create a competitive differentiation and increase sales by expanding the breadth and reach of your product offerings with faster delivery speeds.

Inventory Visibility FAQs

Inventory visibility refers to a company’s ability to view, track and monitor inventory in real-time throughout the supply chain. It allows organizations to understand the type and quantity of inventory stored at a warehouse or fulfillment center, located in a store or in-transit at any given time.


With an increased need for fulfillment speed and accuracy, inventory visibility is important to improve supply chain velocity, enhance fulfillment operations, increase efficiency and exceed customer demand. The benefits of improved inventory visibility include:


1. Operation efficiency

The more automated your inventory visibility process becomes, the more labor hours you save, allowing you to allocate your resources to other important tasks.


2. Better quality control

Inventory visibility is primarily used to determine how much and what inventory is located at any step along the supply chain. However, it also allows industries with strict regulations, such as grocery or pharmaceuticals, to better track products from point to point. Inventory tracking and visibility are especially important in the case of a recall, when products must be quickly tracked down and pulled out of market before causing damage.


3. Improved forecasting and predictability

One of the main benefits of inventory visibility is that it provides accurate information to help companies improve their demand forecasting and understand how current inventory levels reconcile with expected consumer demand. This customized data allows for fewer stockouts and better inventory optimization and replenishment.


4. Better resource allocation

Inventory is often a company’s largest expense. Each product represents a portion of company money that is tied up on a shelf in a warehouse or DC. Companies should strive to have the lowest possible amounts of inventory available while still meeting consumer demand. This frees capital to put towards other goals, such as growing the business, but this can be a delicate balance to maintain as companies want to ensure they meet customer demands. Inventory visibility provides the information needed to maintain this inventory control balance and maximize company profits.


Manually tracking inventory can be time-consuming and prone to human error. Unless your organization is extremely small with limited operations, you will likely want to invest in an inventory management solution. An order management system helps to automate the inventory management process, allowing you to see everything on one single platform. This provides insight into your real-time inventory numbers any time you need them, setting you up to maximize GMROI by reducing inventory carrying costs and minimizing safety stock.

KPI and numbers

Our end-to-end commerce and supply chain solutions expertise offers our customers the unmatched retail domain expertise necessary to bridge digital and physical commerce. 


Years of in-house OMS expertise


The industry's first unified commerce platform built as microservices


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