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Deliver contactless convenience to your customers with curbside pickup

Rapidly scale and provide the seamless experience your customers expect when you offer multiple pickup options. Empower your associates with a modern, intuitive user interface and fulfillment process.

Increase your profit margin and customer satisfaction level with curbside pickup technology

Shoppers want convenient, quick and contactless order fulfillment options. Körber's curbside pickup technology enables retailers to leverage inventory and utilize physical stores and dark stores as hubs for fulfillment – ultimately placing the product in the hands of the consumer at a much faster timeframe, often at a much lower cost to the business.

Deliver customer convenience at the curb

Körber's curbside pickup technology leverages inventory at store locations to deliver customer purchases faster and more efficiently, in a contactless model. 

Visibility & Positioning

Optimize inventory visibility and gross margin return on inventory investment (GMROI) by exposing inventory available to promise (ATP) and available-to-ship throughout the retail enterprise.

Cost Reduction

Reduce your last mile shipping costs by focusing on bulk shipping directly to the physical store without the added expense of store-to-door costs.

Convenience & Choice

Combine the ease of online ordering with the immediacy of contactless customer order collection at the store to improve customer relationships, as well as deliver convenience and choice. 

Ease of Associate Adoption & Use

Reduce the time needed for associates to fulfill curbside orders and build brand loyalty by enhancing the customer experience and providing a positive transaction every time.

KPI and numbers

Our end-to-end commerce and supply chain solutions expertise offers our customers the unmatched retail domain expertise necessary to bridge digital and physical commerce. 


Years of in-house OMS expertise


The industry's first unified commerce platform built as microservices


Global clients


Global omnichannel and

supply chain consultants

Single Partner

Optimize the entire dropship process from strategy to execution, vendor onboarding and support with Körber's experienced consulting and managed services teams.

Robust and Integrated Platform

Enable seamless integration between dropship and electronic data interchange (EDI) with Körber SaaS cloud-based solution that is part of our unified commerce platform.

Supercharged by OMS

Improve your overall order orchestration and order sourcing logic with a dropship solution enabled by Körber's leading OMS.

Order Fulfillment Exceptions

Leverage Körber's OMS capabilities by highlighting and managing order fulfillment exceptions, before they become issues.

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