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Enable and optimize your BOPIS strategy

Provide a convenient, personalized buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) experience with Körber solutions. Leverage store inventory, reduce fulfillment costs and enhance customer service. We make it easy for consumers and store associates.

BOPIS or buy online, pick up in store means exactly what it sounds like – customers get the convenience of searching for a product online and then picking it up at a time that works best for the customer. BOPIS gives customers control and convenience, allowing them to customize their shopping experience to suit them.


Körber's OMS enables your brand to combine your company’s digital presence with your physical store to enable the most profitable fulfillment options for your business and your customers.

Simplify BOPIS for your consumers & store associates

Buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) provides a win-win fulfillment solution for customers and retailers alike. Retailers benefit from an opportunity to provide a positive customer experience and improve margins by mitigating fulfillment costs.


Körber's Order Management System (OMS) provides advanced customer experience management, including inventory visibility, order confirmations, alerts and updates. Store associates appreciate our highly-intuitive, easy-to-use user interface (no training/manual required) that makes it simple to seamlessly integrate a BOPIS strategy in your store so that you can fulfill orders and deliver personalized service for customers.

How you can use BOPIS to enable your business

A BOPIS strategy allows you to better leverage your store’s inventory and reduce fulfillment costs across the board. Expose store inventory available-to-promise (ATP), minimize fulfillment timeframes for your customer and avoid high costs associated with last mile fulfillment. Further, increase average customer cart size and create additional opportunities for add-on purchases.

Build a More Convenient Customer Experience

Meet consumer expectations for fulfillment with a convenient and easy shopping experience. In instances where fulfillment speed is paramount to the consumer, BOPIS provides an opportunity for rapid fulfillment for same-or next-day pickup.


Körber's solution enables visibility to in-store inventory and order fulfillment timeframes. Our robust customer experience management offering proactively provides communications to your customers throughout the lifecycle of the order. Deliver a seamless BOPIS experience that fosters brand loyalty and competitive advantage.

Personalize Your Brand Experience

Deliver a more meaningful and personalized interaction that humanizes your brand and fosters a relationship with your customers. Drive brand loyalty with exceptional customer service and a simple, convenient shopping experience through a BOPIS strategy.

Drive Store Traffic and Add-On Purchases

BOPIS drives additional traffic to your store where consumers often opt to make additional purchases. By promoting and leveraging store inventory, retailers typically realize increased profit margins.


Körber enables retailers to deliver an optimal BOPIS experience that encourages customer loyalty and repeat sales. A great omnichannel customer experience encourages further sales opportunities.

Shorten Fulfillment Timeframes and Reduce Costs

Avoid costly last mile parcel shipping by nudging your customer to buy online, pick up in store. BOPIS provides opportunities to fulfill orders close to the point of the demand to reduce fulfillment timeframes to get orders into your customers’ hands at a lower cost and faster timeframe.

Ease of Adoption and Use

Your associates are the face of your brand. Help attract and retain store associates by providing the modern tools and technology that make the job of fulfilling BOPIS orders extremely easy, quick, intuitive and convenient – no training manual required. We make it easy for your associates to deliver a BOPIS expereince with exceptional, personalized customer service. 

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Our end-to-end commerce and supply chain solutions expertise offers our customers the unmatched retail domain expertise necessary to bridge digital and physical commerce. 


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