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Körber’s ERP Integration Platform is designed to bring together all your end-to-end supply chain solutions. This could include, for example, your warehouse management system, transport management system, financial systems and so forth. These disparate line-of-business (LoB) products may be provided by different vendors, but in the modern warehouse they must be tightly integrated.

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Körber ERP Integration Platform

Bring together all your supply chain systems

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Bringing all your systems together is a major challenge

Your organization is running various supply chain systems, and this generates challenges:

  • To improve operational efficiencies across the entire supply chain you need a fully integrated system.
  • You need to extract data from various applications and bring all that data into one place.
  • Your current systems might not support you as you seek to scale your operations.
  • Modernizing your supply chain solutions is especially difficult if your infrastructure has been in place for decades.

In today’s highly complex business landscape, organizations need to deal with the pressing challenge of integration if they’re to remain relevant and competitive.

Sean Elliott,

Choose a standardized technology platform or integration tools

There are two strands to Körber’s ERP Integration solution.

First, there’s the technological platform itself. Our standardized ERP Integration Platform software enables warehousing companies to build integrations directly into their infrastructure. This is especially relevant for cost-conscious organizations who are empowered to take ownership of the system.

Secondly, we provide an out-of-the-box set of integration tools, which can be applied to all or any of your organization’s LoB applications. This fast route to integration drives a rapid time to value, helping to generate a quicker return on investment.

Key benefits


The adaptability of our ERP Integration Platform is paramount and we provide more than ten out-of-the-box integrations for a variety of minor business applications.

Cost control

Körber provides tools that will enable your organization to integrate your systems and maintain a lower total cost of ownership over the long term.

Cloud capabilities

Körber is a leader when it comes to running supply chain systems in the cloud. So, you can offload more of your on- premises systems onto the highly cost-efficient cloud version of our software.

Driving innovation

The Internet of Things is a key consideration. Your large-scale machinery (for example, robots, trucks, refrigerators and so forth) will benefit from having sensors attached to drive business value.

The Körber difference

Körber’s experts deliver market-leading ERP Integration solutions coupled with deep domain experience, to drive predictable and cost-effective value outcomes for supply chain solutions around the world.

With the ERP Integration Platform, you can control your own integrated supply chain solution, increasing efficiency and dramatically reducing costs in your company with a long-term, do-it-yourself approach.

Sean Elliott,

ERP Integration enablesworkforce retention

According to the US Department of Labor, average warehousing turnover is greater than 40%. In areas of North America with dense warehousing that figure can be greater than 100%. Our solutions are created to reduce complexity, which will enable you to onboard resources more rapidly.

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