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Distributed Order Management

Our Distributed Order Management (DOM) solution provides control over warehouse, transport and material management processes at the network level, across all distribution stages and for multiple sites. The resulting transparency allows timely fulfillment of orders while optimizing resource utilization and cost.

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Körber Distributed Order Management

Optimize supply chain processes across all sites in your logistics network

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Visibility and complexity are key challenges

Managing the growing complexity of today’s logistics networks, many with multiple warehouse locations and distribution levels, is a challenge. Even more so when different orders are processed through several warehouses, or with different means of transport, which is increasingly common in today’s e-commerce environment. Our Distributed Order Management solution coordinates the tasks between the ERP, the warehouse and the transportation management systems. In doing so, it:

  • Removes the lack of transparency in inventories, warehouse workloads and transport capacities
  • Finds best warehouse and transport options for order fulfillment
  • Reduces the cost of order fulfillment, especially when orders need to be filled from multiple warehouses
  • Enables compliance with more stringent customer service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Gives suppliers, service providers and customers the required visibility into goods flows
  • Provides accurate records for movements and distributed supply chain processes across the network

An integrated solution to optimize network transparency

Our Distributed Order Management is an integrated supply chain solution that provides control at the network level. It allows you to monitor and efficiently manage multiple warehouses, distribution levels and transportation options, for your complete supply chain network. The ability to manage your logistics network holistically helps ensure your orders are fulfilled accurately, on time and cost-effectively, as well as accurate Availability-to-promise (ATP).


40,000 sales locations and way too many warehouses

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Key capabilities include:

  • Real-time view into inventory levels at warehouse locations, and in inbound and outbound transit
  • Centralized order management to optimize cost and resource utilization
  • Inbound management of supplies based on warehouse stocking levels
  • Visual tracking of inventory and logistics processes (with optional access for suppliers, service providers and customers)
  • Support for temporary, basic warehouse functionality
  • Integration capability with warehouse and transport management solutions from both Körber and other vendors, and with all leading ERP solutions

Key benefits

Optimized order fulfillment

Order fulfillment is optimized across the network, based on availability of resources, inventory and cost-to-serve.

System transparency

Centralized availability of information allowing for the visibility and monitoring of all processes, as well as inventories, comprehensive batch tracking and flexible reporting all across the network.

Cross-network optimization

With a combined system covering inbound management, central order management and distribution, you can manage resources more effectively.

Consistent KPIs

Provides consistent KPIs across your logistics network, allowing for the analysis and improvement of your operations

Integration Flexibility

The consolidated, uniform interface allows integration with a variety of other ERPs, warehouse and transport management solutions.

The Körber difference

With deep industry knowledge and technical expertise, we are a market leader in supply chain software. We provide a comprehensive, flexible solution for Distributed Order Management (DOM) which seamlessly integrates processes, data and visibility across the whole supply chain network. In addition, it can be tailored to the needs of each different business. Our supply chain competence is backed by our company’s global footprint, our continual investment in research and development, and our longstanding commitment to innovation.

Körber’s DOM is the “secret hero” among our supply chain solutions. It serves as a data and process broker, organizes multiple warehouses, allocates orders between them and determines the best transportation options. It provides true end-to-end visibility across the logistics network. By the way, it also helps with source determination and secures Availability-to-promise.

Veit Liemen,
Senior Vice President Sales Europe at Körber


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Emmi, Switzerland

The largest Swiss milk processor, Emmi, uses Körber Distributed Order Management to manage 22 warehouses. All employees benefit from using consistent user interfaces, while harmonized processes ensure transparent and much more efficient warehouse operations. DOM also facilitates the fast and flexible integration of new sites.

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