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Our cloud solutions let you run your supply chain software including your warehouse, transport, yard management and Distributed Order Management (DOM) solutions from the cloud. This will free your business from the need to manage on-premises IT infrastructure.

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Körber Cloud Solutions

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On-premises IT infrastructure requires significant IT resources

Running a supply chain application from your datacenter requires substantial investment and effort by your IT department:

  • You must allocate and purchase dedicated IT infrastructure
  • Your IT team must deploy and test all solutions, which takes significant time and effort
  • Your IT team must also be able to maintain them to ensure they work correctly and are available continuously
  • Your systems must be compliant with all current security and data privacy regulations
  • Your IT resources are ultimately better spent supporting your supply chain operations and core business

Installing and running your supply chain software on-premises can be risky, especially if you don’t have the resources to carry out a successful implementation. That’s why so many customers leverage our cloud-hosting experience of more than 10 years and our global team of cloud experts.

Scott Brask,
Vice President of Cloud and Security Operations, Körber

Flexible, secure cloud solutions

Our warehouse, transportation and yard management, as well as Distributed Order Management and Proof of Delivery solutions are all supported on our cloud platform. It provides their full functional scope, with significant added benefits:

  • Your supply chain applications can be deployed immediately
  • You gain much needed flexibility by freeing up internal resources
  • Your data is accessible centrally through the cloud platform, and can be made available to all employees, customers and business partners

The platform is also highly scalable: it evolves with your business needs, and dynamically supports growing and shrinking workloads. In addition, Körber’s extensive cloud hosting expertise will ensure a successful, highly performant implementation of your supply chain applications.

Körber’s cloud solutions protect your business with comprehensive backup and failover capabilities to ensure that your supply chain solutions will be continually available in the event of an equipment failure or other disruptions.

Our datacenters comply with regional standards, as well as with applicable data security and privacy regulations.

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Key capabilities include:

  • A highly scalable and customizable cloud solution, with minimal provisioning times
  • Secure cloud access
  • A customer-dedicated cloud environment
  • Maximum resilience and uptime, due to fully redundant cloud infrastructure
  • 24/7 monitoring and support by a global team of cloud experts
  • Datacenters compliant with GDPR and other applicable regulations
  • Datacenters certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 27001, SOC 1 and 2
  • Convenient monthly subscription fees
  • Customer-specific service level agreements (SLAs)
  • A proven platform hosting over 1000 customers

Key benefits

Continuous availability

Maximizes uptime and ensures business continuity in case of system failures and disasters.

Security and Compliance

Designed to provide data security and privacy, our cloud platform is ISO and SOC certified, and complies with data privacy regulations, including GDPR.

Focus on core competencies

Free up valuable resources so you can focus on improving your supply chain operations.

OpEx financing model

Eliminates the need for high, up-front capital expenses, and replaces them with stable, predictable monthly fees.

Short Time-to-Launch (TTL)

Get supply chain solutions up and running quickly with minimal provisioning times.

The Körber difference

We have accumulated extensive expertise in operating highly performant supply chain solutions in ourglobal, proven cloud environment. With datacenters on five continents, we can implement advanced supply chain solutions for clients worldwide, and support them with regional cloud hosting capabilities.

A significant advantage of the Körber Cloud is that the hosted solutions are platform-independent and can be seamlessly integrated into the existing IT system landscape.

Massimo Acquasanta,
Head of SAP Applications of Braas


We embraced the cloud for warehouse management solutions long before anyone else. Analysts predicted that by 2020, 50% of all warehouse management systems sold would be in the cloud. We were well ahead of the market. By 2018, already 60% of our systems were provisioned in the cloud.

Our cloud solutions in use

Analyst page

Gartner Europe context: 'Magic Quadrant for warehouse management systems'

The growth rate of WMS revenue in Europe is 20% higher than in North America. Vendors are differentiating offerings with the cloud.


Germany’s leading roof system provider relies on our proof of delivery app to deliver goods for 80,000 construction sites per year.

Conn’s Homeplus

Conn’s has 4,500 employees, 117 retail stores and a growing ecommerce business. The company replaced its homegrown warehouse management system with a Körber cloud-based one to ensure visibility and consistency across its 167 sites.

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