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Pallet sortation and quality control

Körber’s automated standalone pallet sortation and quality control solution checks and sorts up to 200 pallets per hour. Mixed stacks of empty wooden and plastic pallets are simply loaded into the system and sorted in a fast, safe and efficient way.

Material handling challenges

Pallets are an integral part of warehouse and distribution center operations, but they create challenges:

  • If weak pallets break at any point in the supply chain, this can damage valuable goods and cause major setbacks.
  • Pallets are heavy (20–25kg) and many have protruding nails, so manual checking and sortation is unergonomic and unsafe.
  • The human eye cannot easily identify problems with pallets.
  • Most organizations are looking to increase efficiencies and reduce costs through automation.


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Automated pallet sorting significantly increases efficiency

The system de-stacks mixed pallets and separates out any plastic pallets from the wooden ones. Then the wooden pallets proceed along a conveyor to be thoroughly checked.

The system identifies pallets with missing boards, and protruding nails are pressed back in. Pallet tunnels and blocks are also checked and maintained to ensure a longer lifespan. Finally, any broken or weak pallets are singled out for recycling.

lPallet quality is vital for the entire distribution to run smoothly. The pallet inspection and sortation system has fulfilled our expectations 100%. It runs steadily and efficiently and is a great ergonomic win for our employees.r

Johnny Johannessen, Distribution Manager, Asko Nord

Key benefits

Fully automated

The entire procedure is automated, which means one person can complete pallet quality control and sortation without having to engage in any heavy lifting, saving time and increasing productivity.

Reduced cost

By minimizing an organization’s requirement for manual labor, the pallet sortation and quality control system reduces cost and generates a fast return on investment.

Improved quality

The system quickly and effectively identifies all pallet issues and eliminates any scope for human error. This ensures pallets are fit for purpose faster and ready to transport goods safely.

The Körber differences

As government regulations relating to manual lifting become more stringent all around the world, Körber’s pallet sortation and quality control system will enable your organization to stay compliant with an ergonomic solution, while significantly improving warehouse process efficiencies.

Pallet Inspection and Sortation systems in use


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Asko Nord (Norway)

Norway’s largest grocery wholesaler needed to improve ergonomics by automating the heavy lifting of pallets. Following the implementation of Körber’s standalone system, Asko Nord reported that the ergonomically designed solution generated significant improvements in productivity and pallet quality.


Remiks (Norway)

This waste services provider needed to more efficiently handle an increasing number of pallets, and improve quality. Our solution has fully automated Remiks’ pallet checking process and increased productivity by 120 percent since its implementation.


Pallet sortation and quality control

The pallet sortation and quality control solution inspects and sorts various types of pallets automatically without manual handling.

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