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IT services for SAP supply chain solutions

Körber offers you a complete SAP supply chain application solution consisting of standard SAP systems, customizing and individual add-ons. However, for the solution to work, the IT environment must be right.


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For example, the server system has to meet the availability requirements, and peripheral systems such as printers, RFID components and voice systems must be selected and integrated. The WLAN must work in the most remote storage aisle even when the racks are full. And last but not least, the whole solution has to be integrated into the system environment, tested and then go live.


SAP HANA needs its own server parameters, and sizing and adapting the system to the application require specialist know-how, which is not widely available in proprietary environments.

IT challenges in the implementation of SAP supply chain solutions

While many companies have extensive IT knowledge, they may struggle with various challenges when it comes to implementing new SAP supply chain solutions:

  • Need for seamless integration between heterogenous IT infrastructures and hardware

  • Broad and deep knowledge of a wide variety of technology families in the areas of infrastructure and hardware

  • Guaranteed high availability of SAP supply chain solutions across all technical components
  • Adaptation of the IT components to the requirements of the respective operational environment

  • Additional challenges relating to the SAP HANA database, the adapted server systems and the basic SAP system

Complete range of IT services


Körber offers you a complete range of IT services to complement our SAP supply chain software solutions. These include:


Computer systems & databases 

Körber offers a full package of services for the complete sizing, procurement, configuration and go-live of the systems from a single source.
Depending on the availability requirements and planned throughput rates of your SAP supply chain solution, we will conduct a capacity analysis of the server hardware (sizing) and select the right computer system. High-availability cluster systems are mainly used here. Our Oracle database specialists also offer a performance analysis and focused database tuning as add-on services.


Periphery equipment

Selecting the right peripheral equipment requires a lot of experience. Whether fork lift terminals, mobile radio data transmission terminals, voice systems, RFID or printers for labels and delivery notes – Körber will be fully responsible as general contractor for the selection, procurement, configuration and integration of your logistics peripheral equipment.



Körber can also take care of the entire network planning, delivery and installation. Planning of the LAN and WLAN networks will take into account future needs in the logistics facilities. We will procure the right components for this purpose and install them in the right place in order to ensure that logistics operations run optimally in future. All of this will be done on the basis of an extensive radio measurement site survey in order to establish the ideal locations for the antennas. If you wish, we will also take care of the necessary wiring of the buildings.


Software and Hardware IT services from a single source

Optimization of performance and availability for the whole supply chain solution from the hardware to the software application.


IT solution expertise

Our expertise in special hardware and IT solutions for logistics will ensure the right configuration and optimal use of the solution in the application environment.


Innovation in logistics IT

Körber’s experts constantly monitor developments in technology and assess whether they can be used for supply chain solutions.


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