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Intelligent Singulation - Visicon


Singulation – the fast start to efficient sorting.


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Visicon is our speedy solution for large parcel volumes that typically come in bulk. As subsequent processing steps – such as scanning, weighing, and sorting – require individual items, singulation must be performed as quickly as possible.


It’s crucial for maximizing the entire process chain.

Benefits at a glance

  • Highest throughput on the market with variable transport speed
  • Reliable, gentle and efficient singulation of all formats and materials, including polybags




  • AI-based vision system
  • Quick and easy installation with pre-assembled components

Visicon – throughput of up to 18,000 parcels per hour

This singulator generates a continuous stream of individual shipments arranged one after the other, with a pre-defined gap. Its variable transport speeds can handle throughputs of up to 18,000 consignments per hour.


An integral part of Visicon is its advanced AI-based vision system. It accurately detects and records the shape, size and relative position of each parcel and passes this information on to the control system. The system calculates singulation parameters – such as gapping and orientation – to align parcels precisely and fully automatically.

Adapted modules increase performance

Up- and downstream modules complement the product and optimize performance.


The upstream delayering line reorganizes consignments that lie on top of each other into a flow of uniformly distributed adjacent parcels.


The downstream alignment module lines the items up one after the other. A subsequent extraction module discharges non-machinable shipments. For defined gaps, an intelligently controlled module consisting of several conveyor belts is also available.

Visicon Compact – singulation on an extremely small footprint

Visicon Compact is a smaller version of the field-proven Visicon singulator. It boasts a very small footprint, which allows for more flexibility when it comes to integration into new layouts and existing systems. This intelligent, automatic solution reliably singulates up to 7,000 smaller items per hour on less than seven square meters.

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