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Langhammer Pallet Conveying Equipment

Stacking or separating empty and full pallets, moving pallets on different transport levels - these are just some of the tasks for which we offer the right solution. The wide range of pallet conveyors available start with economical models without drive and continue onto driven roller or chain conveyors with reversible transport direction and high pulling power.

Transfer units and turntables make flexible pallet transport possible in the first place. They connect transport lines and change the transport direction of the pallet as required. Fully automatic pallet shuttle cars are used in modern palletizing systems and in the front zone of high-bay warehouses.

Pallet Conveyors for length and crosswise transportation

The power driven pallet roller conveyor is the right solution for transporting empty and full pallets in the lengthwise direction. The large roller diameter and the narrow roller spacing guarantee quiet and smooth pallet transportation - even when transporting heavy pallet loads. Pallet chain conveyors are the right choice for transporting in the crosswise direction. The double chain with straight chain links has a high load capacity. Small idlers make for jerkfree transfers at connection points.

Transfer Units / Turntables for changing direction flow

When the transport direction needs to be changed at a 90° angle parallel lifts or swivel lift transfer units are the ideal solution. The pallet direction changes from lengthwise to crosswise - or the other way around - at the transfer station. The turntable makes any angle within the track run possible. The pallet transport orientation of either lengthwise or crosswise remains. The pallet turntable with continuous turn drive is ideal for use with large rotation angles, e.g. for all-round labeling or all-round wrapping.

Building Block modules as supplement and completion

  • Pallet lifts for pallet placement/removal via manual shuttle car
  • Pallet shuttle cars for distribution or lane connection
  • Platforms and crossovers for operating personnel
  • Pallet dispensers for empty pallet distribution
  • Accumulation roller lanes for buffering and provision
  • Tailor-made designs for your special requirements

Langhammer Pallet Conveyor Systems offer a large assortment of pallet transport technology:

  • Pallet Roller Conveyors
  • Pallet Chain Conveyors
  • Pallet Buffer Conveyors
  • Pallet Turntables
  • Pallet Transfer Units
  • Pallet Shuttle Cars
  • Empty Pallet Dispensers
  • Empty Pallet Testers
  • Pallet Lifts


  • Complete building block system with modular standard components
  • Individually planned conveyor units, fine-tuned to task requirements

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