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Manufacturing Logistics: Palletizing and Conveying

Pallet management systems optimize manufacturing production lines, by packing goods onto pallets for transfer and delivery. Automating this process leads to faster cycle times and higher levels of precision, increasing efficiency and reducing costs, while improving worker conditions and safety.

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Palletizing challenges in modern manufacturing workflows

The demands of modern manufacturing and production make it increasingly difficult for businesses to grow, scale, and accelerate their operations efficiently and cost-effectively. Key challenges facing pallet logistics include:

  • Cost-effective and efficient labor is increasingly difficult to find
  • Materials are sometimes excessively heavy or hazardous
  • Price pressures impact efficiency and precision
  • Impact of modernization on consumer goods logistics

Maximizing speed and efficiency

Körber has a long-established expertise in conveying and pallet handling systems, setting new industry standards for quality, reliability, process stability, and longevity in the development of robotic palletizing systems. Designed and tuned in-house to match each customer’s unique material flow environment needs, no two Körber palletizer solutions are the same.

Palletizing Equipment

High-performance palletizing equipment for limited production plant spaces.

Lightweight Conveying Equipment

A range of lightweight equipment for conveying goods productively through a production plant.

Lightweight Conveying Equipment

Precision product handling and transportation are essential to optimizing in-plant material flow. Offering a choice of drive and tension units to match belt length and load weight, our Lightweight Belt Conveyors are ideal for transporting light to moderately heavy products. Our Roller Conveyors are designed for light as well as heavy products, and can be adapted to a variety of space conditions. These units are impervious to dust, making them well suited to dusty environments.

Pallet Conveyor Equipment

Whether stacking or separating empty and full pallets, or moving pallets between different transport levels, we have a pallet conveyor to meet the task. Our range starts with the more economical driveless models, all the way up to driven roller or chain conveyors, complete with reversible transport direction and high pulling power. We also offer transfer units and turntables to connect transport lines and change pallet direction, as well as automatic pallet shuttle cars.

Pallet Conveyor Equipment

A suite of equipment for transporting palleted products efficiently around the production plant.

Key benefits

Deep expertise

Our palletizing and conveying expertise are coupled with a deep understanding of software and systems integration for all end of line applications.

Flexible options

No off-the-peg solution, systems are custom built to fit material flow environment and each customer’s individual requirements.

Process optimization

The entire palletizing process is planned and executed to ensure it is as simple, efficient, measurable, and transparent as possible.

The Körber difference

We provide end-to-end solutions, complete with the infrastructure and portfolio of products, tailored to each customer’s requirements. As a global technology business, we have the scope, R&D opportunities, and manufacturing capacity to develop the next generation of palletizing equipment and auxiliary components, giving us an unrivaled position within the consumer goods logistics industry.

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