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Technical Audits

On the ground technical audits have to be carried out on a regular basis. An essential activity that guarantees that all critical automated systems are fault-free and are performing at their best. It is through these audits that we identify the need for repairs, future maintenance operations and spare parts. During technical audits optimization opportunities are also discovered which establish the basis for long-term product-specific lifecycle plans.

Machine Safety Inspection & Certification

Safety inspections and periodical certifications ensure full compliance with each country’s specific health and safety requirements. Our team of service engineers evaluates if all legal obligations are being followed and add extra value by providing and guaranteeing the safety of workers and equipment.

Recurring safety inspections also improve compliance with international safety standards, reduce liability risks and unforeseen stoppages. All this helps to guarantee high system availability and increased business sustainability, with the regular delivery of reports with detailed information on the current state of installations and identification of critical and improvement points.

Preventive Maintenance

A type of maintenance that includes both scheduled and event-triggered maintenance. Preventive procedures guarantee that machines and assets keep functioning without the risk of major technical degradations or failures that affect efficiency. We also offer maintenance programs tailored to specific equipment requirements and operational demands.

Corrective Maintenance

Besides regular inspections, audits, and predictive maintenance, our services portfolio offers corrective maintenance activities. Our support team is available 24/7 to diagnose and remotely solve any kind of issue with minimum disturbance. In the case that it is required an onsite intervention, then a team of field service technicians is dispatched to better assess and solve the situation.

To stay competitive in the fast-changing supply chain world, and meet customers’ expectations, warehouses must keep ahead of supply chain complexity.


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