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Customers typically worry about unplanned equipment downtime and production losses. At the same time, it is increasingly important for them to achieve sustainability goals and roadmaps, such as cutting down the CO2 footprint.


Equipment failure can have a huge impact on operations causing business disruption and decreased productivity. For example, an unplanned downtime in a warehouse or a production facility can cost on average up to 9.000$ per minute.


And because every minute counts when a system is down, we now offer our customers premium remote support with Körber Xpert View, that is available as an add-on for existing remote support contracts. Körber Xpert View is a cutting-edge system that allows us to identify and solve more incidents remotely, at times faster and in a more sustainable way, and remotely support maintenance activities. To accomplish this, we use Körber Xpert View, improving communication through a bi-directional audio and video connection. This smart technology is based on step-by-step consultation and enables our remote technical support team’s eyes on site when requested by the customer, thus allowing for enhanced remote support service. 


As technology keeps advancing, we are also constantly looking to improve and widen our digital services offer. We know that only through continuous innovation we can provide our customers with the right kind of support they need.

To stay competitive in the fast-changing supply chain world, and meet customers’ expectations, warehouses must keep ahead of supply chain complexity.


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