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Disruption Mitigation

Warehouses today are under increased pressure to be able to maintain efficiency regardless of outside factors. However, when major disruptions to the supply chain happen, like product shortages or pandemics like COVID, many operations can be left struggling to keep up. Join us for this Master Class series on Disruption Mitigation to learn how the latest technologies and processes can help prepare your operation for whatever challenges it may face.

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Post-COVID safety measures for employees

While always a vital consideration for any distribution center, safety measures in a post-COVID world are a focal point of any operation. Join Michel Perez-Guzman on October 27th as we discuss best practices in post-COVID safety and look at recommended ways to keep employees safe.

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Building a resilient supply chain

With Supply Chains around the world under increased scrutiny and consumer expectations higher than ever, building a resilient supply chain has never been more critical. Join us to learn more about the methodology of creating a supply chain capable of responding and recovering quickly in the face of disruption, and how to prepare for the unexpected.

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Post-COVID supply chains: lessons learned

COVID-19 has presented an unprecedented challenge to supply chains around the world with rapidly evolving customer demand and expectations meeting strained resources and lack of automation. Join Derek Curtis to hear about some of the most valuable lessons learned from supply chain industry experts in this Masterclass; and explore how COVID has reshaped our thinking around disaster mitigation.

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Augmenting the workforce with AMR

With the current environment presenting new and unique labor and human interaction challenges the ability to automate and augment existing workforces is key to maintaining business continuity in a successful operation. Join John Santagate to look at how operations are adopting new and innovative technology in Autonomous Mobile Robotics to help keep their business moving.

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