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Trespass is one of the most successful outdoor clothing retailers, with more than 200 stores, operations in 62 countries, and a thriving e-commerce website. 

Location: UK and Europe

Industry: Retail & E-Commerce


Carrying over 100,000 SKUs and 27,000 bin locations, Trespass has to manage:

  • On-going SKU churn due to trends and seasonality as well as mixed sizes and categories of sportswear clothing for men, women, and children
  • Orders that vary from 500 to 1,000 a day, presenting staffing and fulfilment issues
  • The need for analytical reporting and tight supervisory control over picking, accuracy, and delivery schedules
  • Increased customer expectation on short delivery windows for online orders
  • Omni-channel returns that put additional pressure on operations

Solutions Implemented:

Trespass implemented:

  • VoiceMan


The combined benefits of VoiceMan meant that Trespass saw a return on investment in as little as six months. Additional benefits included:

  • The voice-picking solution has made it possible for an associate to pick multiple orders in one go.
  • In the first two years, Trespass tripled productivity and saw a 20% improvement in accuracy.
  • The combination of improved accuracy and throughput has meant that there are fewer returns due to error and missed delivery times – which has helped alleviate the pressure of reverse logistics.
  • Training time has been cut in half. Temporary staff can be picking as quickly and accurately as permanent staff in just a day, which is critical around seasonal peaks.
  • The VoiceMan reports and real-time operational visibility have enabled supervisors to manage and redeploy staff without wasting time searching the entire warehouse, retrain where necessary, and predict resource requirements for future peaks based on historical data.

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