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Tchibo GmbH

Tchibo is a German coffee retailer and one of Germany’s largest retail chains.

Industries: Customer goods, Retail

Location: Germany


Tchibo needed to streamline logistics challenges for its far-reaching distribution network. The company’s challenges included:

  • A network of small warehouses that increased the complexity of operations
  • The lack of standardization in logistics locations

Solutions Implemented:

The solution revolved around replacing the network of small warehouses with a central high bay warehouse and a few regional distribution centers. To accomplish this, Tchibo implemented:

  • Distributed Order Management
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Yard Managment Systen
  • Warehouse Control System
  • RFID
  • Complete IT infrastructure 


Tchibo successfully streamlined operations and increased transparency, enabling faster processing times. This included:

  • Optimization of the warehouse network
  • High availability and fail-over security
  • Minimization of processing times

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