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Sonepar Brasil is a Brazilian leader in the B2B distribution of electrical materials, solutions and related services. Sonepar Brasil is composed of five companies: Dimensional, DW, Eletronor, Etil, and Nortel.

Location: Brazil

Industry: Retail & E-Commerce


The two largest companies in the Brazilian territory (Dimensional and Nortel) had a warehouse management system that was no longer meeting demand and forecasting growth, as well as experiencing deficiencies in support service. With the current difficulties, the companies decided to seek a leading global WMS solution that had:

  • A solid implementation and support team in Brazil.

Solutions Implemented:

Sonepar implemented:

  • Körber Warehouse Advantage


With Körber, Sonepar has achieved:

  • Count and validations 100% in WMS
  • Increased accuracy: total and accurate tracking of the stock of each address
  • Reduction of waste of electrical cables, because the system guides the operator in the correct way to avoid unnecessary cable cuts
  • Anvisa Certificate Control through the system
  • Complete standardization of systemic processes between companies, bringing work optimization.

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