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RS Components

RS Components is the leading high-service distributor of electronics, automation and control components, tools, and consumables, serving over one million customers globally.

Industry: Electronics distribution

Location: United Kingdom

Körber implementation sees productivity gains at RS Components

Global distributor achieves significant productivity gains with Körber's voice solution.


RS Components wanted to introduce a new voice solution without interrupting existing processes. The company’s requirements included:

  • It was critical that any new process could be introduced without disrupting order fulfilment schedules
  • RS Components had to ensure that its voice solution would work seamlessly with its existing conveyor, SAP ERP, and DAI WCS systems

Solutions Implemented:

Two new voice solutions enabled greater fulfillment speed and accuracy:

  • VoiceMan WES (In Motion WES)
  • VoiceMan DA (Data Analysis


Efficiency and accuracy increased with little to no downtime. Specifically, RS Components was able to:

  • Increase its accuracy rating from 99.6% to 99.9% 
  • Realize efficiency gains of 26%

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