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The RAJA Group offers the largest range of packaging, warehouse, and office supplies in Europe.

Industry: Fast moving consumer goods

Location: France


An increase in references complicated warehouse operations for this consumer goods company. RAJA’s challenges included:

  • More than 30,000 new SKUs to manage
  • Articles of different sizes, including very small products
  • Insufficient storage space

Solutions Implemented:

New voice and automation solutions enabled RAJA to fulfill complex orders more accurately. The company implemented:

  • Voice / Directed Warehouse Operations
  • Solution VoiceMan AGV to automatically drive Fenwick forklifts 
  • Voice Solution with virtual Put-to-Light directly integrated to Reflex's WMS
  • Complete hardware solution with Zebra VC80x, Ring Scanner Zebra RS6000, and mobile printer Zebra QLN 420


RAJA was able to increase storage capacity and improve overall productivity. This meant:

  • Adding additional storage capacities and 10,000 references
  • Implementing easier picking processes for operators
  • Improving overall productivity

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