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Pharmlog Pharma Logistik GmbH

Pharmlog is a logistics provider that specializes in pharmaceuticals.

Industries: Logistics Service Provider, Pharmaceuticals 

Location: Germany


Pharmlog needed to meet an incredibly high order volume while staying within the bounds of a highly regulated industry. The company needed:

  • An automated distribution center for timely delivery of 7,000 orders per day
  • A low margin of error to comply with strict German pharmaceutical laws

Solutions Implemented:

Pharmlog implemented a full suite of automated warehouse solutions. These included:

  • Warehouse Management System
  • RFID
  • Pick-by-Voice processes
  • RF
  • Forklift control system
  • Transport control system


The suite of solutions enabled Pharmlog to achieve greater transparency and control. The company gained:

  • A future-proof, high performance system
  • Transparent monitoring of goods processing
  • Customer and service specific invoicing

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