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Nisa is a unique member-owned organisation, helping independent retailers remain competitive in the food and drink market.

Location: UK

Industry: Food & Beverage

Körber implement Voice at Nisa and boost operations

Nisa Installs Voice hardware and reaches its highest levels of efficiency.


In order to deliver the high levels of service that its members have come to expect, Nisa’s key business challenges include:

  • Deliver complete and accurate orders to the correct locations
  • Meet delivery deadlines and stay within budget

Solutions Implemented:

Körber was able to provide the best voice knowledge on the market by implementing:

  • VoiceMan


A significant increase in productivity and accuracy was seen almost immediately after the first implementation of the technology. As a result, claims dropped significantly and took the operation to its highest ever level of customer satisfaction. Additional benefits included:

  • Gross accuracy rate at an all-time high of 99.96%
  • Closer management of trends

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