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First Australian retailer to implement
voice in fulfillment operations

Kmart Australia is one of the most profitable discount department stores in Australia. With more than 200 locations across Australia and New Zealand, Kmart aims to provide families with everyday products at the lowest prices.

Industry: Retail
Location: Australia and New Zealand


Kmart Australia experienced unprecedented levels of growth in-store and online fulfillment operations. The retailer’s goal was to:

  • Insure a great customer shopping experience with stores well-stocked
  • Achieve faster picking and packing times
  • Increase operator’s productivity rates

Solutions implemented

Kmart Australia partnered with Körber to deploy Android Voice solutions across the retailer’s fulfillment operations. This meant:

  • The Android Voice solution went live in Kmart’s distribution centers
  • Operators had more freedom to carry out tasks efficiently and productively
  • The voice solution provides users with more information on location and order details


Once the Android Voice solution went live, Kmart Australia saw the following improvements:

  • Device flexibility reduced the capital investment by 20 percent
  • Worker productivity increased by 25 percent
  • Employee training time was reduced by 35 percent

The Story

Kmart Australia, a major discount retailer in Australia and New Zealand, has grown to over 200 retail locations and 6 warehouses of various sizes. When COVID-19 brought unprecedented demand, Kmart reached out to Körber Supply Chain for a voice-guided technology solution. This project became another in the six years of success working together. The voice solution is a flexible and scalable investment, helping Kmart to improve distribution center workflows to adapt changes in demand. Kmart achieved faster and more efficient picking and packing times in-store, online, and in distribution centers.

Android Voice is truly a flexible and scalable investment in improving and expediting DC workflows, especially for retailers who tend to experience various shifts in demand. This makes the solution a great fit for Kmart

Nishan Wijemanne
Managing Director of Körber Supply Chain Asia Pacific and global leader for AMR solutions

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