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Hunt Brothers Pizza

Hunt Brothers Pizza is America’s #1 convenience store pizza brand.

Industry: Food

Location: United States


Reliance on outdated Excel spreadsheets was hindering Hunt Brothers’ growth. The company’s challenges included:

  • A complex distribution network of owned warehouses and external 3PL warehouses
  • Lack of real-time inventory visibility
  • Manual counting of inventory on the last day of every month meant that Hunt Brothers was unable to fill any purchase or sales orders on that day

Solutions Implemented:

Hunt Brothers needed a robust suite of warehouse management solutions to keep up with growing demand.

  • WMS
  • Voice Solution


Since going live with our WMS, the company has experienced greater accuracy along with thousands in savings. Specifically, Hunt Brothers Pizza has been able to:

  • Save thousands of dollars per month in reduced shrinkage costs
  • Safeguard against company theft and monitor damage
  • Achieve consistent levels of 99.99+% inventory accuracy

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