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Fox Racing

Founded in 1974, the Fox brand is the most recognized and best-selling brand of motocross apparel in the world today.

Industry: Sporting goods

Location: United States

Transforming productivity and performance

Fox Racing: Voice activated success


Fox was struggling to keep up with rapid growth. The company’s challenges included:

  • Developing a new product line
  • Managing volume growth
  • Quickly scaling the e-commerce side of the business

Solutions Implemented:

A voice solution enabled the company to maintain accuracy while increasing productivity. Fox implemented:

  • Voice Solution


Fox was able to greatly increase productivity and accuracy while improving worker satisfaction and reducing training time. This meant:

  • Picking productivity saw a 50% improvement
  • Accuracy increased from 82% to almost 100%
  • Training time decreased from one day to 1.5 hours
  • ROI was fully realized in 6 months vs. the projected 12 months

We simply did not have the bandwidth to keep pace with the growth or to continue meeting the commitments we had made to our customers. We had been using paper and labels in our picking operation, and RF scanning for putaway and replenishment. We discovered that our paper-based picking system sub-optimized both productivity and accuracy and our RF technology had a number of moving parts that seemed to affect reliability.

Robby Dhesi,
Vice President of Operations at Fox

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