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Flogas is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to homes and businesses throughout the UK.

Industry: Oil & Gas

Location: EMEA

Case study: Flogas

A powerful network modelling and simulation tool providing vital and objective evidence.


In the face of a particularly complex distribution network, Flogas needed to validate operational changes to shareholders. The company’s challenges included:

  • In winter, vehicles typically made 10-12 deliveries each day across wide geographies, often involving small volumes per drop to customers with differing service contracts
  • Flogas needed to objectively validate ideas for change to shareholders 
  • The company wanted to ensure its approach to modelling a true cost/benefit of network alterations was as effective as it could be

Solutions Implemented:

A CLASS consultancy enabled the team to quickly simulate the baseline model and run at forecast volumes, selecting the optimum design to ensure it met the project’s goals. Flogas implemented:



The project provided a raft of validated information which has become the basis for change in the Flogas network. Additional benefits include:

  • By running a series of ‘What if?’ scenarios with depots allowed to close one at a time, relative savings were identified
  • The team was able to progress towards the best possible distribution network in the real world

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