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Ferros Puig

Ferros Puig is a Spanish company dedicated to the storage and distribution of steel products. 

Location: Catalan Fornells de la Selva, Spain

Industry: Industry & Production

Ferros Puig

As a specialist retailer of high quality steel and iron goods, Ferros Puig relies on the warehouse and transport logistics system provided by the logistics software specialist Körber.


When selecting its warehouse software, Ferros Puig needed:

  • Efficient processes from Goods Receiving in the warehouse through to delivery
  • Implementation of a uniform, integrated system landscape

Solutions Implemented:

To improve efficiency and productivity, the company implemented:

  • Warehouse Management System
  • Transport Management System
  • Proof of Delivery


By working with Körber, Ferros Puig achieved:

  • View into activities along the entire transport and supply chains
  • Transparency over warehouse and goods movements
  • Creation of a future-proof system infrastructure

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