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Dorfman Pacific

Dorfman Pacific is a 100-year-old hat wholesaler that needed to innovate to meet increasing customer demand.

Industry: Wholesale retail

Location: United States


Dorfman Pacific hadn’t updated its operations in almost a century. The wholesaler:

  • Relied on manual pen/paper processes for inventory and tracking
  • Needed better efficiency, accuracy, and digitization to get orders out in a 24-hour period
  • Needed to invoice at the SKU level due to the variety of the end customer business models with which it dealt

Solutions Implemented:

Körber brought a modern solution to a legacy company:

  • Warehouse Advantage


Dorfman Pacific quickly adjusted to the new system. As a result:

  • It has been several years since the company has had to call HighJump for any system issues
  • Productivity per worker has gone up, training time has gone down, and warehouse employee happiness has increased
  • Accuracy has gone up

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