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Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club offers a subscription-based service that sends members several razor blades per month for just a couple dollars.

Industry: eCommerce

Location: United States

Stay on top of explosive growth with WMS

Dollar Shave Club seeks solution to handle unexpected demand


Dollar Shave Club had outgrown its previous 3PL provider. The company needed:

  • An internal WMS that would support continued expansion
  • To gain greater control of its operations

Solutions Implemented:

A bespoke cloud-based WMS enabled Dollar Shave Club to manage 3PL internally:

  • Warehouse Advantage in the Cloud


Accuracy and speed increased alongside each other. As a result:

  • Units per hour increased with our WMS, enabling the company to push more shipments out the door every day
  • Every order that arrives is now shipped the same day
  • Order accuracy has improved, so there are fewer returns and customers remain loyal

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