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ContainerWorld started as a niche global market player for alcohol distribution in Western Canada, and has since grown to handle the majority of the BC beverage alcohol logistics marketplace, as well as a significant market share for non-alcoholic beverages and general cargo.

Industries: Beverage, Alcohol logistics

Location: Canada

Enhancing productivity in a rapidly changing market

ContainerWorld: Unlocking a world of opportunity


ContainerWorld lacked standardized processes, resulting in a confusing, hazardous warehouse. This meant:

  • No standardization on labeling compliance
  • Pickers needed a hands-free option in order to lift heavy cases with both hands

Solutions Implemented:

A voice solution enabled ContainerWorld to organize its warehouse while ensuring worker safety. It implemented:

  • Enterprise 3PL 
  • Voice Solution


ContainerWorld thrived during an industry-wide transition period. In fact:

  • Productivity did not suffer during an industry transition spearheaded by craft brewing that led to a lower number of units and a higher number of SKUs
  • The company avoided an estimated 20% loss in productivity during transition

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