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BOOXpress offers media transportation, shipping books with a fleet of trucks. The company serves customers throughout Germany.

Location: Germany

Industry: Logistics Service Provider

Driving efficiencies in transport planning

BOOXpress GmbH: Advancing the logistic supply of literature


BOOXpress decided to replace its existing heterogeneous system landscape, which was used to plan and control the entire trip network in the past. Challenges included:

  • The existing system had reached its limits in view of the volatile conditions in book and media retail
  • BOOXpress needed to prepare for future logistics challenges

Solutions Implemented:

The chosen transport management system met all requirements for efficiently planning and controlling the vast transport network. BOOXpress implemented:

  • K.Motion TMS


Benefits of the TMS included:

  • High level of automation for a large number of processes for efficient transport processing, Automatic planning in the multi-level transport network and in areas such as loading, empties management, and accounting,
  • Reliable resource forecasts,
  • Minimization of errors in the booking process,
  • Status transparency of individual transport orders

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